Sulfur benefits for facial and skin

That is useful to stimulate collagen, fibers that make the skin appear more toned, and can reduce wrinkles on the face. With sulfur supplement drink every day, then within 6 weeks will see the results.

Sulfur benefits for Disease scabies

Disease scabies is a disease that affects the skin, bumps, redness and small bumps quickly spread throughout the body if not treated immediately, scabies disease is caused by ticks that make small tunnel under the skin layer just below the epidermis and penetrates where. At the time of the scabies mite eggs eggs eggs spread throughout the body, though slow travels about 1 cm per 1 night, but because more and more of course can spread throughout the body. Scabies mite eggs will hatch within about 1 week to 10 days. Therefore during treatment must be repeated again after 1 week to 10 days.


Sulfur, yellow powder form, if you do not have to until finely ground powder first.
Baby powder is neutral, do not contain kinds of kinds, to avoid any reaction with sulfur. More secure longer uses starch.

Mix the powder with sulfur powder / flour with the composition of 1: 8, so if the 8 gram flour then need 1 gram of sulfur, not upside down. Mix until the mixture becomes flat with stirring stirring repeatedly. So deh traditional medicine scabies. After so can be directly massaged scabies sufferers throughout the body.

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