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Do you know, there are a lot of news which describes the killing of people by people experiencing a mental disorders. One of them is An engineering student Seung Hui Cho Chinese origin (23 years old). She had her house one Associates snuff 32 in Blacksburg and on the campus of virginia Polytechnic Instituteand State University. And another one, a college student who opened fire when the launch of the movie batman and the incident killed 12 people.
Well, that’s a fact about the person being experience mental disorders. But, tidakah you know why they hurt people. Padalah scientifically, they will not menyekiti others. they will only hurt themselves because of the overflow of his emotions. But, once again why they hurt people.
That is the question that needs to be answered because the answer is related to all of us. Basically it is true that someone who is experiencing mental disorders will be aggressive and he’s just going to hurt themselves. But, unfortunately, the people around them do acts that are not good to them, so that people who have mental disorders is increasingly depressed and emote or keagresifannya to the people around him. And as a result, people who are around him will become its victims. So the real reason why people will not hurt others even hurt people at seklilingnya.
And it should be noted that indeed needs a special treatment for those who are experiencing mental disorders. Don’t be hurt, because it will return to the people who are hurting.

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