Stress And Its Effects On Acne


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Acne has been a problem with teenagers and even others ever since the beginning of puberty (age 13-25). Acne is something that will occur no matter what during that time however with the addition of stress, acne can become an escalated problem. Many people are very good at handling stress and this may decrease the severity, however those that are not very good at handling stress related problem, acne aggravation can occur. What is even worse is that if your acne problem is already severe, stress can cause further severity.

Acne And Stress Relation

Many people have always asked what can be done about stress and how does stress directly relate to acne breakouts. First. Stress relates to acne breakouts because when stress occurs, your body begins to increase hormone levels trying to combat the flight or fight episode. Your body adjusts for a sudden response by you. This is again done by rapidly increasing the production of hormones from within your adrenal gland. When this gland increases the production, you have a increase in sebum which is the hormone responsible for acne breakouts. The problem occurs when you already have an increase in sebum which usually occurs during puberty, an increase in even more sebum will lead to a severe case of acne. This is why stress is directly related to acne. Another quick note is that stress causes someone to indulge in food which can be seen as sudden food cravings. Eating unhealthy food can aggravate acne breakouts, so there are actually a few ways the stress can be bad for those suffering from acne.

What Can Be Done?

Here are a few quick tips to help you deal with stress related acne

1. Avoid oily and greasy food because its not good for your health and especially for your skin. These types of foods release the oil and grease into your blood which can end up in your skin tissue causing acne breakouts. It’s directly related to acne because studies have shown that stress suffers do tend to fall into a eating binge consisting of unhealthy foods. Try to avoid foods that are bad for you like chips, soda, fatty cheeses, burgers, fries, etc.

2. Visit a doctor and get some professional help. Many people have found that speaking with a doctor can help decrease stress related situations. Many people don’t know that the solution to stress is as easy as speaking to a professional that can help you come up with creative ways to cope with your stress, Sometimes a professional is what’s needed to help you understand the situation if your stress is caused by a situation which you may not fully understand and may think that it is more worse than actual.

3. Exercise is probably the best solution and should have been listed as number one in this list. Exercise for years has been attributed to good health without too much stress. The reason is because when you exercise, your body begins to release endorphins into your blood stream which have been proven to fight pain and increase your immune system. Endorphins are also natural mood stabilizers which can help you view certain situations more positively. As mentioned some situation are not as bad as you may be viewing them to be.

Try to exercise at least 3-4 times a weak and make sure to moderately increase your heart levels. There are several exercises that can do the trick like jogging, boxing, cycling, elliptical machine and many more. Try to find a workout that you enjoy because this way you will not get de-motivated quickly and stop your workout routines.

4. Avoid situations that you feel will be bad for you or that you know will cause stress at a later time. The problem with us is that we feel that every situation is good for us or to always try things no matter what. We end up in situations that we could have avoided and hence avoiding a headache or stress in the future. Before starting anything, take a few steps back and re-evaluate the situation. If you feel that this is something that you can handle, than jump in. You taking a few steps back before going forward may open up your eyes and you’ll find something wrong with what your getting into. Be patient and I can most certainly guarantee that you’ll be a lot happier with your decision.

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