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Q: Is acne contagious?

No, acne is not contagious. This means that if you have a date, do not worry, you can still kiss or touch your partner without developing acne.

Q: If my parents suffered from acne, does this mean I will also suffer from it.

In a study published in the March 2009 issue of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, the incidence of acne increased if the mother had acne at any point in her life.
Unfortunately, there is an increased chance in the child developing acne at a later stage in life.

Q: Does eating or drinking certain foods cause acne?

There are a whole range of factors which cause acne. This can be pollution, weather conditions and even food such as fried foods, sugars and oils. To be fair, you know your skin better than anyone. If you feel that your skin reacts in a bad way to certain foods or food groups avoid them.

Q: Skin Care Hygiene and Acne?

Healthy skin = Hygienic practices. There is no right or wrong in how many times a day you have to wash your face or how many showers you need a day. Again, it all depends on your body type. Some people who over wash end up irritating the skin and are then more prone to infection. It is all about finding the right balance.

Q: Acne and Stress?

If you are already suffering from acne, stress can certainly make it worse. We all get stressed from time to time but managing it is the key to not only keeping acne in control but also keeping your overall health in check.
Q: Can acne come back in the later/twilight years?

The answer to this is yes. It can come back in your 40s , 50 and even 60s.Therefore, looking after your health is vital throughout your life.

Q: Can sunscreen make acne worse?

If you are already prone to acne, it is recommended that you use oil free products and always try a little on a patch of skin to ensure that it does not cause a reaction to your skin.

Q: Can exercising affect my acne?

In certain people, the sweat produced from vigorous exercising does make the acne worse. It is important to be hydrated by drinking lots of water after exercising.

Q: Can a facial help reduce acne?

The bottom line here is that anything; whether a store bought product or a fancy facial at an expensive spa which can cause irritation on your skin can definitely make acne worse.

Q: When is acne classified serious?

For some teenagers and adults, acne comes and goes and leaves little scarring. For some, they develop acne and then severe scarring. At this time, it is strongly recommended to visit the GP for a full check-up as there may be other underlying problems.

If you have any more inquire regarding skin care or need more tips for healthy skin you can check our Skin Care Tips Category for more information.
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