Sinaw-Sinaw Herbal Medicine


Sinaw-sinaw Herbal Medicine 
The scientific name of this green herbal plant is Peperomia Pellucida known and called in Visayan version “Sinaw-sinaw”. There are many illnesses and diseases cured this kind of plant like Arthritis, Rheumatic, Kidney Stone, Head Ache, High Blood Pressure, Pimples and others.
Sinaw-sinaw plants easily found because it usually grows in our backyard especially in the country Philippines. That’s why our grandparents discovered this kind of herbal healing in very natural way.
You can assure that this kind of medicine has no overdoses because it’s purely natural, no side effects, no preservatives and chemicals added.
Just follow this simple steps in my recipe below:

Sinaw-sinaw Herbal Tea Medicine Recipe:

Ingredients and Materials Needed:                                        
        Handful (Bundle) Fresh Sinaw-sinaw Plant including Roots
        4 to 5 glasses of fresh water
        Electric Pot
Cooking Procedure:
1.      Wash thoroughly the Sinaw-Sinaw plant especially the Roots of it.
2.      Prepare 4 to 5 glasses of fresh water and put it in the electric pot.
3.      Preheat the fresh water in 5 minutes.
4.      Then put washed Sinaw-sinaw Plant in the pot and continue boiling it within 10 to 15 minutes.
5.      After all, the Sinaw-sinaw Tea cooked already.
6.      You can now transfer it to the container and let it cool within 5 five minutes.
7.      And then you can now enjoy drinking and serving the Tea every after meal.
Note:  You can drink 3 times a day every after meal and surely consume the Sinaw-sinaw Herbal Tea with in 15 to 20 hours only to make it safe to drink and not become a spoiled tea.
You can also watch the cooking videos on YouTube by this link:

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