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Shrink stomach post-birth-how to Shrink Belly quickly. Everyone definitely does not want to have a protruding stomach. Belly that some people will definitely make the person uncomfortable in front of the other people around them. Basically a protruding abdomen can occur due to irregular eating patterns, maintain health, and lack of exercise.
Have you taken the diet?
Here I will explain how the diet that is good and right for your health, among others, as follows:
Water consumption drink to taste
Reduce your small eating habits with drinking a glass of plain water, at least drinking 8 glasses of water each day.
Fibrous food consumption
The stomach becomes a protruding is also caused by the digestion of less healthy and uneventful. When you consume foods that can help facilitate the digestion of fiber that is in your stomach, the source of the fiber can be obtain from food samples of nuts, soy protein, egg, rice and vegetables, fruits and meat without fat.
Consumption of foods with good fats
Do not consume the fat is not good as there is in the chicken, fat kulir well is from food, olive oil, avocado and walnut.
Regular exercise
Regular exercise well done when in the morning well run, the squat, gymnastics and so on.

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