Should I Take Hormone Replacement Therapy If I Have Bipolar Disorder?

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My advice is, proceed with caution and ask the teams who are looking after.

to get the right treatment for bipolar disorder and find a regime that suits you, perhaps for many years. You do not want to upset this delicate balance.

Also, the symptoms of menopause can be difficult and there is some evidence that changes in hormone levels can make your bipolar disorder worse, and May you experience worsening symptoms, particularly depression.

that estrogen affects your mood is not fully understood, although it appears that estrogen tends to make people feel “lighter”. On the other hand, life events such as children leaving home, divorce, changes in social circumstances can be an associate to its low mood rather than hormonal changes.

HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is a synthetic estrogen + / – synthetic progesterone. Each of these hormones or combinations may have different psychological effects in different people, and even routes -. Whether transdermal (patches and body cream / gel) or the pills have different effects on mood

topical estrogen (cream, gel) can be directly applied to the vagina, which can help local symptoms of vaginal dryness and urinary problems and is not absorbed well, so should not upset your mental state.

Herbal remedies are often suggested – phytoestrogens (plant-based estrogen like compounds) are found in soy, no effects of either soy supplements or a high intake of soy foods are not available on bipolar poremećaj.Isto goes for red clover and other herbal remedies, and yet I would suggest you speak with your doctor.

There is very little controlled research on the use of HRT in patients with bipolar disorder, so I think it will be difficult to predict how their bodies respond to HRT so you have to consider.

If you are very well to the medication and your symptoms of hot flushes, etc. are not so bad, then why upset a good thing! However, if you are experiencing menopausal symptoms, or even a deterioration in his mental state, it May be worth monitoring the trial.

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