Sense and causes of Toothache

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Sense and causes of Toothache

Cavities is not caused by worms such as the supposed antiquity. This theory persisted until the 1700s up to Willouhby Miller An American dentist who works at the University of Berlin to find the cause of tooth decay. He found that the hole by the confluence of causes bacteria and sugar. The bacteria will turn sugar from food into acids that cause teeth to become acidic environment (environmental bases are supposed to be natural teeth) and acid is what ultimately makes a small hole on the email of the tooth.
When the holes happen to email gigi, we have yet to feel the pain of the teeth. However, the small hole on the next email can be slit and the presence of bacterial leftovers will make a bigger hole digging dentin. At this point we will feel the sciatic on teeth while eating. When it left, the hole will get on the nerves of the hole so that we will begin to feel the pain of the teeth. This process will not stop until finally the tooth becomes depleted and the remaining roots of teeth only.

Toothache is pain in the tooth, toothache is caused by various problems of the teeth and jaw, such as dental caries, diseases of the jaw tau gingivitas and many more. Toothache is also one of the symptoms of other diseases, such as heart disease, angina. Toothache can cause heart disease and stroke.
Toothache usually refers to pain around the tooth or rahag mainly as a result of the condition. In many cases, toothache is caused by dental problems such as tooth cavities, tooth root, a cracked tooth or gum disease exposure. But the distractions of joints rahan can also cause pain that is referred to as “toothache”. The severity of dental pain can range from mild to sharp and chronic, agonizing. The pain can be aggravated by chewing or cold or hot. A thorough oral exam that covers dental x-rays can help determine if a toothache coming from the jaw, or dental problems and the cause.

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