Known as Senna in the world as the “Sno” because his native Mecca, known locally as “not”
 particularly in areas of the Hijaz in the south of the kingdom, either in Najd and some other regions of the Kingdom is known as “Ashrq” There are of Senna thirteen species and most important of these Species:
1 – senna and scientifically known as Cassia Angustifolia

2 – senna alfalfa and scientifically known as Cassia Acutifolia

 3 – husks and scientifically known as Cassia Fistuls

And types the first two words of herbaceous plants perennial does not exceed a height of mostly on two meters and holds the plant leaves, vehicle feathery form consists of a couple to seven pairs of leaflets, and flowers in the tops of the branches in the form of totals between two flower to seven flowers in the form of clusters of yellow to orange , fruits resemble the fruits of horny beans or beans and shape oblate skin texture with a length twice the display contains yellowish brown seeds inside the same gray color and strength of steel, known as Qurna “bursa”.
User part of the senna plant are dried and leaflets as well as fruit.
Original home of the senna plant is the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Sudan, India, Pakistan and Iran are Egypt, Sudan, India and Pakistan-exporting countries are not large-scale commercial.


Chemical contents:

Containing leaves and fruits of Senna Gelokozydat Antrakenonip known as the Group Snosaid Sennosides and there are four a, b, c, d and contains Gelokozydat Nfetalinip and fluid materials and materials Vlavonideh and volatile oil.


Ancient medicine is Senna from old plants are very used in the treatment were used at the time of the Pharaohs and was called at that time as “Jngent” was contained within several recipes Pharaonic for the treatment of some diseases in the papyri of ancient Egyptian, was also used widely in the era of Prophet Muhammad upon him as mentioned in several speeches, was narrated by Ibrahim ibn Abi Abla said: I heard Abdullah ibn Umm Haram he is someone who prayed with the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him in the Qiblah says, “You Balsna and Triple-van the cure for every disease, but toxic,” narrated by Ibn Majah in al-Sunan, and go out, I’m Sunni and Abongim in medicine from Aisha, may Allah be pleased that the Prophet peace be upon him said, “If something in the healing of death was Senna.”


He told the conciliator Abdullatif al-Baghdadi in the forty medical and transfer of his son values and Suyuti, “Senna drug Sheriff safe Algailp, and close moderation, because it is hot dry in the first instance, it is easy yellow and black, and strengthens the offense of the heart, and the virtue of honest in it, and its properties benefit from obsessive and spasm muscle and the proliferation of hair, and lice and old headaches (chronic), scabies, warts, itching, and if cooked in oil and drink to benefit from back pain and hips. ”


Said Razi for Senna “Senna and facilitate universal Alchahtrj blends blazing Infan of scabies and itching.” And said that Ibn Al-Bitar, “If it prevails Balhna mixing poetry and Ojodh Makki, benefit from the division the viewer in the body and benefit from chronic headaches, and blisters and itching.” And said that David, of Antioch, “Are not we stay strong for seven years, a hot dry easily blends and extracts maximum Allzojat of the body and purifies the brain of a headache and goes back pain and hemorrhoids.”



Valsna herb is known to the doctors and Attarine laxative and used as a treatment, and said that the people of knowledge as a safe Algailp strengthens the heart, and benefit from melancholic obsessive-old, headache, itching and pimples, epilepsy and easily without violence.
It is through the use of Senna: The Status of the amount of Senna about 20 “g” in a liter of water and preferably be added to it a little ginger, tamarind and black bean and flower violet or chamomile, and a little Alhlilj, and then placed on low heat until boiling, and once the boil revealed of the fire, and leave to cool and then filtered paper and bagasse (foam), and drink a patient on an empty stomach in the first use of a glass one, and when you get used to it drink it amount commensurate with his age and his body, you can add honey to sweeten and to increase interest, and a few hours after start Are not we in effect removing all that is in the belly of the waste.

Senna was described by Attar in the past with jujube and carob, raisins, coriander, rose, Alhlij, figs, Hollyhock flower and flower Aldharm violet flower and boiled water for those who complain about the diseases of the stomach and colon.

And senna leaf, from which the scientists active substance made of drug Bergatun Senallaks and the two are the best known Kmlinat medicines and antibiotics for constipation.

The companies have drugs in the modern era of the installation of many medicines that contain senna and including:

Medicines containing senna only, namely:
– Brsnead puresenid.

– Snakut sennakot.

Medicines containing senna and some necessary materials to another, namely:
– Ojiulaks (Agiolax)

– Centolaaks (syntolax).

– Meosinm Mucinum.

 – Gelesened glisennind.

There is no doubt that one of the best laxatives senna; because the effect does not begin only in the colon, where bacteria decompose by Escherichia coli. Therefore, it does not affect the stomach and small intestine, thus it does not affect the absorption of food as do most laxatives, and laxatives. Does not cause constipation after diarrhea.

Senna does not cause contractions in the intestine, as do most other laxatives. It may happen from a mild colic soon wears off. It starts in effect when the senna laxative to the colon and calls from 6 to 12 hours or more.

Although it does not absorb Senna from the intestine and therefore does not affect the fetus, says Commons pharmaceutical (Martindale,, the nursing mother can use it because it is not excreted in the milk through the breast and should not use senna by pregnant women and nursing women.

Says Prof. Speller, one of the world’s leading experts in this area – in an article “The more drugs commonly used in the treatment of constipation drugs are derived from the plant,” Senna “. In the colon are those vehicles at the instigation nerves of the colon to do the movement of total, followed by the passage of stool normally.

Found in senna active substances called (Snasid – A & Snasid – b) and this is one of the materials facilitating the use of large and on causing trouble and relaxation in the membrane of the intestine leading to problems in the future because it causes diarrhea continues and then hold a sharp, though the use of vehicles not we are not frequently “once a week” and a small dose usually does not lead to significant side effects, especially in the elderly


As modern medicine has made much research on the leaves and fruits of Senna and demonstrated that research interest Senna as the best laxative in addition to the purification of blood and kill viruses, fungi and produced pharmaceutical companies a lot of cosmetic Senna, is a plant Senna One important plants recorded in the constitutions of the valleys European, American, Indian, Chinese and there are preparations several Shopping all over the world, and there are not uses internal and external recall of the following:

1) There is no doubt that Senna of the best laxatives if not all, because its effect does not begin only in the colon where it is decompose by coliform bacteria and therefore does not affect the stomach and small intestine and therefore affect the absorption of food after a period of diarrhea, as do some laxatives, which occurs after use is idle for a bowel movement occurs constipation after diarrhea, which one is forced to re-use of a facilitator and get used to it, and does not cause Senna contractions in the intestine as they do laxatives other, as that of the beauties of the use of Senna that the person Istia to organize a time convenient for use Vtoterh facilitator does not begin until After between 8-12 hours of abuse and is absorbed from the intestine, and is used senna as a cooked or soaked or in the form of tablets and are available in pharmacies.


2) There are currently in India, a preparation consisting of an aqueous solution where the center of senna are used to purify the blood.

3) is the use of new uses against viruses and reproduction, where extracts were deposit-type protonic not we’re not known as Siam, and the results gave 100% to stop the growth of viruses.

4) was extracted from vegetable Gelokozydat Vistula and Dkora and used against fungi.

The Uses of Foreign Affairs can be used senna leaves soaked in the form of an enema to children as a facilitator, using soaked 1 gm for each year of age, the percentage of adult enema of 10-15 g per 500 ml of water.


Senna should not be used in the case of a hit in inflammatory bowel disease in acute intestinal In the case of appendicitis.


The average daily dose between 0.5 to 2 grams taken in the form of soaked in a cup of warm water and leave for ten minutes and then filtered out and drink or soak the amount in a cup of cold water for a period of between 10-12 hours and then filtered and drink.

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