Sea Cucumber – Sea healing



Recent research has found that the inflammatory process and the subsequent pain are modulated by a group of polypeptide substances known as cytokines. Various nutrients have been shown to modify the production and biological activity of these cytokines. Work at Tufts University has shown that nutrients like vitamin E, omega-3 EPA, and other members of the antioxidant family all have an impact on the release of these cytokines. Many agents trigger the inflammatory cascade, which ultimately results in pain and inflammation.

A substance which grows naturally off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. It also appears to serve as a chondroprotective agent, an agent which promotes the repair of cartilage by stimulating anabolic metabolism of chondrocytes and/or inhibiting catabolic processes found in arthritis.

Although it is not known why the exact biochemical mechanism in sea cucumber works, it does work. There are some remarkable clinical results. Since these inflammatory as well as degenerative conditions fall under the category of “oxidative stress” conditions, the possibility that sea cucumber has some anti-oxidant effect cannot be overlooked. Sea cucumber has been shown to be effective in reducing the pain and inflammation seen in the arthritic and traumatized patient.

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