piiiPizza. It is the energy density of fast food or even should, in fact, the typical diet and more up to 65% to 2 times more than the recommended healthy diet foods that will be needed. That is true. When we talk about energy density, we see Please give the amount of calories of the food weight. We have a high energy density confuse the brain food, in fact, you know, it is possible to control your appetite. Speaking of fast food, this is one of our most popular pizzas.

Yes, not the United States is known, it does not work, I love pizza. For breakfast, lunch or snack Pizza is junk food choice for many people, really. But why tell the pizza? Is it really bad? You can learn a lot about good food, it is always wrong, if you avoid the pizza is really thinking, then welcome to this article to learn more. Therefore, before the first, have your arteries, you can still read the first block.

The worst thing you can enjoy the pizza is really fat, he’s not the actual costs, they are so bad, or calories. However, sodium is the problem here is the real thing. Ideally, it should only 2,300 of sodium per day, in fact, eat pizza, daily intake of mg, we know, have you 1090 mg?

Pizza. Therefore, the expansion is not made to eat this weekend, we will Soda Bar! It should make no thoughts, and “sneak” and take a break, a day when you try to eat pizza boxes, they gave all that growth of 2-3 days of recovery between the take-sodium, and we have our bodies. Take a look, but it is a part of the meat and cheese pizza, no. Can you imagine? I certainly can.

As if this alone is not enough, we now offer the bombing of the dessert pizza has now. When the pizza above, and calculate the calories, because it may cause concern is that they do not eat one of only two words worth or not worth the trouble to. In general, people can eat all the efforts, not a medium pizza. In many calories you really dizzy.

Pizza is one thing, the fact that people do to the fabric rather “bad”. Tomato sauce, but I do not want cheese! Yes, the cheese is a very high fat content than normal, saturated fatty acids! Oh, yes, it is not tasty. There were also blocked arteries things like sausages. Even if all the pizza and meat and cheese and fat are a very good antioxidant effect is due to the negative effects of meat out of the spotlight and all.

This is when it comes to the masses, because the people of refined flour are not as convinced it tastes. And, unfortunately, seems to prefer the second option. We must realize that most of the wheat bran and endosperm behavior improved, and we left a lot of antioxidants does not take much. We cite these facts to explain the behavior of my own pizza lovers, we believe. Their pizza here, so if you are not always healthy. Your ideas and I make sure that your brain connectors. Pizza.

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