Salingkapaw Herbal Medicine Tea Recipe


Salingkapaw Herbal Medicine Plants
Salingkapaw Herbal Plants in scientific name called Euphorbia Hirta.Usually grows and found in our open backyard so it’s not difficult for us to find it. Asian country is the most abundant growing Salingkapaw because these herbal plant are very suitable in our climate.

Past decade almost all doctors did not believe this kind of treatment because only poor or average people who residing in villages or rural areas uses herbal medicine and they found out and testify that it can really cure Dengue Fever through increasing the blood platelets of the human who suffer that kind of diseases.

Today, many doctors now already believes and developed this kind of medicine by making it in tablets, capsules or in syrups. Even the Department of Health (DOH) in the Philippines also supports this kind of plants “Salingkapaw”.
By this recipe, I am happy to share with you the classical steps or mixture of how to make “Simple Salingkapaw Herbal Tea” that surely healed Dengue Fever and other illnesses.
You can also watch actual video in making Classical Salingkapaw Herbal Tea by this link below:

Classical Salingkapaw Herbal Medicine Tea:
Ingredients and Materials:
1.      Handful (Bundle) Fresh Salingkapaw Plant including Root
2.      1.5 liters of fresh water
3.      Strainer
4.      Electric Pot
Cooking Procedure:
1.      First, Wash and clean all parts of Salingkapaw especially the roots.
2.      Prepare 1.5 clean and fresh water in the container.
3.      Then put and arrange Salingkapaw in the pot and pour the 1.5 fresh water.
4.      Allow 30 minutes to boil in normal heat.
5.      After 30 minutes cooking, you have now the finished Tea product of Salingkapaw Herbal Plant.
6.      And you can now transfer the Tea in the container with the used of strainer and let it cool.
7.      Then after 5 minutes you can now serve and drink the Salingkapaw Herbal Tea.
Note: You can make this a substitute as our daily drinking water those people who really suffer from Dengue Fever (1 liter every day). Make sure that you consume the Tea within 24 hours only.

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