removing acne scars with fruit

removing acne scars quickly
removing acne scars quickly
removing acne scars from face naturally
Powerful tomato eliminates acne scars-the article this time on how to remove acne scars. In a previous article we discussed how to remove acne scars with yam bean. In addition to removing acne scars with many still yam bean way to remove acne scars. Can use natural ingredients or the cosmetic is easy we encounter in the store or supermarket.
But we need to be right in deciding how to get rid of acne and acne scars. Especially if using chemicals, because if it doesn’t fit in with our skin, it can cause side effects that can aggravate acne problems.
Removing acne scars with tomato
However if you already have a problem with acne who raises black scars on the face, you need not be concerned. You can try the tips below on how to remove acne scars with tomato. Why tomatoes? What is a tomato can eliminate acne scars?.
Tomato fruit has long been known as a food ingredient also has quite a lot of benefits for health is mainly used to treat several diseases.
It tastes sour makes it very loved as lalab, complementary salad, as well as material for making tomato sauce or sambal. Despite the sour taste do you know that Tomatoes have tremendous benefits for facial beauty. This is not apart from their subjects that have Vitamin C and Vitamin A as well as high-dose antioxidants (lycopene). Because the content of tomato fruit useful for whitening the skin and eliminate acne scars.
Crush 1 becoming like tomato fruit pulp is then balurkan to Your entire face, including the area that there is no jerawatnya. Let nutrients in tomatoes soak into your face. After approximately one hour, wash with warm water and then pat dry face. You can run this treatment for a week to get rid of acne scars.

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