Recognize the symptoms of lung cancer is early!


Lung cancer occurs when there is uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lung. If this is left unchecked, the growth of these cells will spread to all parts and stop the performance of the lungs. Even not rule out the possibility, also cancer will spread to other organs.

Often the symptoms of cancer have been seen in the early days. However, the early symptoms are often overlooked and only recently recognized when it reaches the next stage. In fact, knowing the symptoms of cancer early is crucial for treatment and chances of survival.

Recognize some early symptoms of cancer, as reported by the Health Me Up (14/10) below.

1. Severe cough that never healed.
2. Coughing up blood.
3. Increasingly short of breath.
4. Breath sounds.
5. Pain in the chest.
6. Loss of appetite.
7. Weight loss continues to fall.
8. Exposed to bronchitis or pneumonia.

When finding the signs above, you should immediately see a doctor. If lung cancer until the later stages, there will arise the following symptoms.

1. The body feels weak all day.
2. Difficulty swallowing food.
3. Discoloration of the fingernails.
4. Voice hoarse and raspy changed.
5. High fever
6. Some parts of the face to swell.

Typically, lung cancer will not show serious symptoms until middle stage. However it is important to observe early symptoms. Identifying lung cancer early will have better for your own healing.

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