Raspberry as Antioxidant


Fruit beautiful and rich benefits rasberry contain many vitamins are good for your health. It also can be used as an antioxidant. Here’s an article I read from detikfood.com

Type of berry fruits has always had a lot of benefits to health, one of which is a raspberry. Although the tiny shape that tends to sour taste, but a lot of benefits for the body. What are ya?

Raspberry, one type of fruit that belongs to the berry-berryan have not lost a lot of benefits with other berries. Raspberry we often encounter a mixture of ingredients to make cake or drinks. Although sometimes used raspberry fruit is not fresh, but tend to already be a jam.

Although the small form, but do not ever underestimate this fruit. Behind its small and the taste is sour, raspberry save a lot of benefits to the body in addition to a fairly high content of nutrisnya. Actually own many types of raspberries, red ranging from raspberries, yellow raspberries, raspberry or orange dijkenal by the term ‘albino raspberry’, black raspberry and many others.

Types of raspberries are most commonly found and used the red raspberry. Nutrients contained in this raspberry include:

High content of antioxidants can ward off free radicals and aging menlawan early. Repair damaged skin cells that keep the skin moist makes it feel soft and supple. In addition, antioxidants can prevent cell growth and tumor aknker.

Consume more than 3 times a day raspberries can help you better eyesight, especially due to aging. Anthocyanins contained in raspberry fruit reduces the risk of heart disease and prevent the aging process.

It was the acid content indicating a high vitamin C in it. Increase the body’s antibodies that are immune to virus attacks the disease. Some studies also suggested that the raspberry is one fruit that is quite safe to eat those who suffer from diabetes. By regularly consuming raspberries, can not easily make the body tired and prevent pain in the joints.

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