Quick Ways To Conceive A Boy

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All married couples must have been like to have offspring, but usually over-water to get a boy or girl. But it is still determined by the Almighty, so couples can only strive and pray to make it happen.
In the world of medicine, there has been a study, what can be menstimulus to be born a baby with the gender of male or female. Results of the research that has been done is there are some tips so that couples can get the boys. How this could be worth a try, if you indeed wanted a baby with the gender of males.
Did you know that a man has a pair of chromosomes that could be decisive in the XY sex cells chromosomes XX women. The principle of a woman can get pregnant are sperm cells fertilize an egg cell have to be able to later become a baby. The sperm cells, the deciding chromosome there are two genders, the X chromosome and the Y chromosome is a type of Chromosome X. gen framer girls, and Y is the type of chromosome genes Shaper boys.
When the Y chromosome to a man meets a woman’s ovum (X chromosome), then the spouse will be able to get the boys. However if the X chromosome which first met with egg, then conception will produce girls. So to get the boys then it should be ascertained the Y chromosome had to reach the egg cell. Sperm X is larger and has the power of living longer (5-6 days) but are moving more slowly.While Y sperm are smaller and vulnerable to death, but is moving faster.
Keep in mind, the Y chromosome first up, the Y chromosome are more susceptible to failure or death. So that the Y chromosome must be guarded so as not to get into the area of region V Mrs. that tend to sour. For that possibility got a tad larger would have to control how high the acidity/PH in the vagina. It was done due to chromosome Y prone dead if there is in conditions of high asamnya. So the acidity of the vagina should always be maintained so that the Y chromosome was able to live long.
Keep how do I keep the Y chromosome stay afloat so it could get a tad?? Here are some tips to get the boys:
1. Fuck in the Fertile
Making love at the time of the occurrence of ovulation (fertile periods) will give you a greater chance of getting a tad, because sperm XY tends to be faster and tend to reach the egg first. Recommended related at the time of ovulation, or at least in the range of 1 day before ovulation period, 12 hours after the time of ovulation, said enlarging the opportunities for wanting boys. While the chance to desire associated time girls do 3 or more days prior to ovulation.
If you have a regular menstrual cycle, then you will be easier to determine the fertile period. Your fertile period of approximately 14 days after the first day of menstruation, with Your menstrual cycle 28 days. On the masasubur there will be a day in which the egg is released from the ovaries the eggs (ovulation). To ascertain whether ovulation is happening, here are the signs are:
-At the time of ovulation, when your body temperature usually wake up in the morning (basal body temperature) increases. Ii due to an increase in the hormone progesterone which accompanied the release of the egg.
-Prior to ovulation, there is cervical fluid (mucus servical) are elastic and clear like egg whites.
-Abdominal pain. One in five women experience abdominal pain in the lower part of the abdomen on the right side at the time of ovulation (Sundanese Word sumbilangeun). The level of the pain varies from mild to only like ditusuk-tusuk and lasts from a few minutes to a few hours.
The most accurate way to find out the ovulation is to use a ovulation test kits, which analyzed the urine samples in order to detect any rise in the hormone lutein is typical at the time of ovulation.
2. When making love with your spouse, the woman should get an orgasm.
Several studies prove the orgasm can create a biological effect in Mrs. V so that it becomes an ideal place for the Y chromosome.According to Dr. Landrum Shettles, a popular scholar through his book ‘ How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby ‘, orgasm in women can also help the sperm approaches the egg.Wife having an orgasm earlier than her husband would allow the birth of a baby boy.During orgasm, women will produce a fluid is alkaline that it is a good environment for the life of the Y chromosome sperm.
3. change the level of acidity in Mrs. V with eating certain foods.
Foods that have a lot to be eaten by a wife such as bananas, apples and radishes. While the foods that should be reduced or even avoided is any kind of red meat. This food will lower the levels of acid on Mrs V. for the husband, he also had to eat certain foods. Foods that should be consumed is containing high protein such as red meat and seafood.
4. Do the deep penetration possible while fuck
The depth of penetration of the future could help the sperm closer to the egg cell. If it’s too out of the sperm cells require more effort to swim up to the ovaries. The risk of death on the road is higher when compared to the penetration, this will shorten the journey of sperm cells.
While making love to get the boys, do the doggy style position.This position can accelerate the entry of sperm into the vagina, uterus and fallopian.Sex is directed in order to achieve a fully vagina penis.Thus, the Y chromosome sperm will pass the acid environment in the vagina and can quickly reach the egg.
There are also other ways that can help to get the boys as suggested by Dr. Landrum Shettles was:
1. your spouse (Husband) should not ejaculate within four to five before you experience the lush.
2. We recommend that when sex, look for a position that can make sperm swim closer to the egg cell. As for the suggested position is men are at the top so that the Y chromosome more rapidly reach the egg.
3. Bercintalah in the evening and try dululah the woman achieve an orgasm.
It’s her way of getting a boy, seemoga useful.How to use it and pray.If the result is not as desired, maybe that’s the will of God, 

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