Preventing Heart Disease and Adhering to a Healthy Lifestyle


eat for a healthy heart
As the US population continue to age, mainly due to the baby boomers reaching the age of 65, one of the health problems to watch for is heart disease. Heart Disease and Cardiovascular disease can be prevented, but it requires a concerted effort and continued commitment to remind seniors and middle age Americans of proper health and nutriton. Health experts, nutritional experts have long advocated a daily adherence to a low fat diet, low carb diet, low calories and low cholesterol diet. This can all be done by a conscientious decision by Americans to only by foods that meet those criteria, but more important people need to develop several recipes or several dishes that they can altenate on a daily basis. Isolating the bad stuff, while taking more and more of the good stuff is a lifestyle that people can learn to love.
Efforts to eliminate high cholesterol is critical with respect to heart disease. Americans simply must eliminate fast foods and the processed foods from their diet. And for parents, emphasis of a cooked dinner must once again become the norm in everyday American life; as it was back in the 1960’s. Fast foods and processed foods are very low in nutritients and therefore are useless to the body cells. Malnourishing the body cells make them weak and ineffective against viruses, which in turn can cause a lot of problems, if not addressed in a timely manner. A simple little problem can become a huge headache, all of which contribute to the high health care costs for the government. Reversing bad eating habits for Americans perhaps will not be as difficult as once thought, now that the Obama administration have agreed to cuts in Medicare. The government simply does not have any money to sustain the growth in that program.
This is a unique opportunity to continue the movement to instill proper nutrition to the American family once more. Obviously health shows like Dr Oz is helping tremendously to promote the healthy lifestyle. But, we must not relent. Other ways that promote a healthy lifestyle are the natural supplements that are plentiful now in the huge health and wellness industry. With regards to heart disease, one company in particular with a product containing Resverotrol is Sisel International. Resverotrol have long been known to exist in red wines, and numerous scientific studies going back to the 1980’s have shown that countries with population that drink a lot of red wine (such as France and Italy) have a very low rate of heart disease or heart attack. The Sisel product Eternity contains resverotrol and is 100% natural, without any toxin or harmful chemical. More information on the product can be obtained at the website below.
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