Pinus sylvestris—also known as Scotch Pine, distilled from the needles.  Gum turpentine is produced by steam distilling the oleoresin.  There are numerous species of pine that yield essential oils, some from the heartwood and twigs, as well as the needles. Has a strong, dry-balsamic aroma.  Blends with CEDAR, ROSEMARY, TEA TREE, SAGE, LAVENDER, JUNIPER, LEMON, NIAOULI, EUCALYPTUS, and MARJORAM.  Used as fragrance in soaps, cosmetics and some perfumes. Also used as a flavor ingredient.  Contains: monoterpene hydrocarbons, pinene, carene, dipentene, limonene, terpinenes, myrcene, ocimen, camphene, sabinene, cineol, citral, among others. Pinus cembra or Swiss Pine is a valuable and rare oil.  Other varieties are SEA PINE (pinus pinaster), PINON PINE (Pinus edulis)

CAUTIONS: Generally considered non-toxic, non-irritating.  Possible sensitizer, especially with old oils. Dilute well for topical use.  Best suited for diffusing and inhalation.

CHARACTER:  “Resonant Simplicity”, Acceptance, Understanding, Patience, Self-forgiving,   Wisdom,  ” Protective,       
ETHERIC COLORS: Green, Silver, Blue, Yellow
NUMBER:  3        
GEMS:  Malachite, Ocean Jasper, Moss Agate, Sapphire
 Chakra:  6  
ELEMENT:  Air, Earth
PERFUME NOTE:  Top  to Middle   
ASTRO:  Mars 
USED FOR THESE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES:  Humility, Simplicity, Assured, Forgiving, Perseverance, sharing, Mindful, Trusting, Directness, Confident
USED FOR THESE NEGATIVE TRAITS: Regret, Guilt, Self-blame, Worried,   Unworthy, Exhaustion, Masochistic, Shameful, Rejected, Miserable, Refreshes tired mind, healing for hopelessness
USED FOR THESE PHYSICAL STATES:  Cuts, sores, lice, Arthritis, gout, muscle aches and pains, asthma, bronchitis, sore throat, coughs, sinus, cystitis, colds, flu, fatigue, fibromyalgia, nervous exhaustion, skin detoxification, bladder infections, laryngitis, eczema. Has a special affinity for the respiratory tract
PROPERTIES:  Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, diuretic, insect repellant
+Soft, gentle type who often go through life afraid to make a sound or a mistake.
+Capable of giving love in enormous quantities.
+Fearfully protective of their family and any causes that capture their imagination.
+Can have large amounts of energy and can help people without realizing it, becoming a home from the storm for troubled souls.
+They can help you see through the mists, and become clearer and clearer.
-Can be self-critical, full of guilt, constantly apologizing for everything.
-They are invariably “wrung out”, carrying the world on their shoulders.
-Never satisfied with themselves, may be prone to anorexia or similar things.
-They blame themselves for not trying harder.  May become a workoholic.
They need to learn to accept love as well as give it and to understand their needs and desires.  They need to use their oil to help focus on their good points and put the clear headedness back in their life.  Each different type of Pine will have a slightly different personality depending on the constituents.

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