Pee Therapy To treat pimples

Acne can be a very serious disease of the epidermis dangerous competitors skin psoriasis to some individuals. And the cost to fight this situation can be performed by an incalculable number if the numbers of countless therapies and creams. And the treatment can not always help.
What to do when you have tried everything? Well, do not generate an organic material that has been known to help with severe acne mild. Pee Therapy has been used for many years, since the ancients first found there was no more use for urine that only the apparent reduction in your car.
What is Pee Therapy?
Urine therapies are usually absorbed or used outside of the epidermis, usually the experience or in other places. Since it has been known to help with problems typical epidermis.

What is the structure of urine?
Urine contains 95% water, 2% urea, 0.5% ammonia, 0.4% sodium, 0.2% of creatinine, uric acid content of different volumes, more testosterone and dietary supplements that our bodies do not needed. So, taking nutritional supplements is that treatments are mostly of Pee. Pee is also regarded by many as an item of expense. Real which will remove from our bodies as a liquid, but a item of expenditure would mean there would be no use what so ever, hence the “waste” is the phrase, but there can be a lot of uses for urine!
Why should we believe?
Only you know what you eat during the day. Anything absorbed through consumption is what usually is removed. Drinking more fluids will help. Try to consume juice, cranberry extract, this juice eliminates the most dangerous toxins and eliminates outside.
So there are hazardous substances that come from your system, or at least try not to be desired. So there should be no serious response.
How does urine clear acne?
Its actually the urea which is eliminated in the urine, this is what you want to capture. You want to implement it for the site impact acne occurrence. With different individuals will anticipate different outcomes.
How to use urine as a treatment for acne?
Thus, when the eruption of other sensitive epidermis known as pimples you can make anything happen in the first half of urine flow during the day. Use anything from a stick of organic cotton fabric experience or Little Sweep. Affect the affected area, allow to dry then wash.

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