Pansit-Pansitan (SHINY BUSH) as Herbal Medicine



A herb used to treat arthritis, gout, skin disorders, abdominal pains and kidney problems. It is applied to the skin as poultice or as a decoction when taken internally.

Parts utilized
Leaves and stems.

• Considered anti-inflammatory, refrigerant, analgesic, antifungal, anticancer.

Infusion and decoction of leaves and stems are used for gout and arthritis.
Decoction of leaves used for urinary tract infections.
Externally, as a facial rinse for complexion problems.
Pounded whole plant used as warm poultice for boils, pustules and pimples.
In Jamaica and the Caribbean used for colds and as a diuretic for kidney problems.
In Brazil, used for abscesses and conjunctivitis.
In Bolivia, decoction of roots used for fever; aerial parts for wounds.
In Bangladesh, leaves used in the treatment of excited mental disorders.
In Africa, used for convulsions and tumors.
Used for headaches, rheumatic pains, impotence.
In Brazil, used to lower cholesterol; for treatment of abscesses, furuncles and conjunctivitis
New uses
Belongs to the “preferred list” of Philippine medicinal plants, being studied for its use in the treatment of arthritis and gout.
For arthritis: Leaves and stems of the fresh plant may be eaten as salad. Or, as an infusion, put a 20-cm plant in 2 glasses of boiling water; and 1/2 cup of this infusion is taken morning and evening.

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