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Waist Bone erosion is generally perceived as a feeling of pain or sore on the lower part of the vertebrae, although actually similar pain may also be felt on the vertebrae from the neck area until the last segment of the tail bone. Depending on the reason, low back pain can be felt as a sharp pain sore feelings to which is not overpowering so it could cause interference with the activity of life.
Lower waist pain suffered by many individuals lift heavy loads with the wrong position or because of standing or sitting in a long period of time. Therefore, position the waist down will receive and hold most of the body burden. Lower waist pain also suffered by people who form his body outside of the normal proportion where the abdominal muscles and back are left to be weak due to lack of practice or work out. The onset of the pain caused due to stress on the lumbar region order of peripheral nerves (pinched nerve). This occurs because the nerve pinch disorders of the muscles and tissues surrounding it, the failure of her nerves, spinal disorders and abnormalities in other places, such as infection or kidney stones.

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