Overview Of Tonsil Ailments – causes and symptoms

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Overview Of Tonsil Ailments – causes and symptoms
Diseases Of Tonsils
The tonsils is called Tonsillitis or Tonsil is also the lymph glands that are located on the right side and the left side of the back of the oral cavity. While the disease is referred to as the tonsils tonsillitis is an infection that occurs in the tonsils that can sometimes cause fever and sore throat. Diseases of tonsils is often followed by signs such as pain during swallowing or referred to as odinofagi, and then fever. While for those who had suffered from a disease of tonsils during chronical, do not feel pain when swallowing, but difficulty in swallowing especially if the size of the amandelnya is large enough.
To determine when the tonsils should be dissected the experts divide the two indications of inflammation of the tonsils because it is difficult to determine when the right time to dissect the tonsils. Here the Division 2:
The absolute or absolute must be dissected.
Relative i.e. not absolute or should be dissected.
Causes Of Tonsil Ailments
There are few bacteria or viruses that cause diseases of tonsils. One of them is Streptococus pyogenes (bacterial causes of inflammation of the tonsils). While the virus be the cause of disease of tonsils is Epstein-Barr or more commonly known as adenovirus and coxsackie.
tonsil infections can be contagious and are becoming increasingly severe if not immediately addressed, the following are factors that lead to the onset of disease 2 tonsils:
The food (especially the children unhealthy hawker), especially if it contains artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and chemical dyes. usually found in snack foods, candy, ice cream and snacks the children another.
Lack of vitamin c. Vitamin C had a huge role in the body. At least the body requires intake of 500 mg vitamain C in one day. Balance with nutrition and Vitamins, fitness to support your body in order to keep fit.
Too fond of spicy food
Lack of drinking water. Keep in mind, the human body needs fluids. And the white water is a good source of fluid (without additional chemicals are pure) white water consumption should be 8 to 10 glasses per day.
The lack of attention to hygiene before meals. Such a bad habit that will not memcuci the hands before eating.
Disease Symptoms The Tonsils
While the symptoms of tonsils is marked with some of the following characteristics experienced by patients:
1. sore throat
2. the headache
3. Hard swallow and feels pain when swallowing
4. Frequent fevers and chills
5. swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck and jaw.
6. experience a loss of sound.

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