Overcoming Yeast Infections


Yeast infections are a common occurrence with many women. There are primarily caused by anti-biotics or the usage of birth control pills. Anti-biotics destroy the healthy flora in your vagina causing a yeast overgrowth. Birth control pills also cause yeast infections. Birth control pills are one of the worst things a women can ever take. They have become more popular in the past several years and a result of that is the increase in yeast infections amongst women. I did a video on the dangers of birth control pills which you can view here: The Dangers of Birth Control Pills.

A bad diet and stress also contributes to a yeast infection. The processed food diet filled with refined grains and sugars play a major role in candida overgrowth which often leads to a yeast infection. Stress also causes the good bacteria in your vagina to die. Stress is a major killer here in America. There are numerous tools for reducing or managing stress and the most effective one is the Emotional Freedom Technique. This technique is an highly effective acupressure technique which addresses the CAUSE of your stress so it can be relieved. A lot of stress is caused by our negative thinking and focus. One great way to relieve stress is to turn off the TV. TV gives you nothing but fear and if you have no clue what is going on in the world, then will likely stress less. Usually what is going on the world does not affect you anyways. You can use the Emotional Freedom Technique when you find yourself stressed or down. You can also use it when you catch yourself stressing (being negative). The technique will eliminate stress and those negative feelings and thoughts often in a matter of minutes.

In my e-book, A Woman’s Guide to Herbs, I detail natural and highly effective remedies for eliminating a yeast infection in a day or less. Yeast infections are a very easy disease to resolve and my e-book gives you highly effective remedies and a simple solution for eliminating a yeast infection overnight. Do not waste your money on toxic vaginal creams laced with harmful chemicals. A change of diet is also recommended along with the consistent usage of EFT. You can receive tips on nutrition and how to use EFT to relieve stress through setting up a health consultation with me.

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