Oral Acne Treatment – Will It Work For You?


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Oral acne treatment must be prescribed by your doctor and is more potent than the products you can purchase over the counter. There is no doubt that these pills are quite effective at clearing up outbreaks and even preventing future outbreaks, but how do you know you need to take this step?

Most people try over the counter acne treatments first and then move on to oral acne treatment if they are unable to find relief. This is because there can be some rather serious side effects that come along with the more potent prescription medications for acne. Many people are able to find over the counter acne treatments which are effective as long as they are used on a consistent basis.

There are 3 main signs that your acne condition will respond better to oral acne treatment than to over the counter acne treatments:

1. Inflammation in the skin.

2. Nodules that extend deep into the skin and cover large areas of skin.

3. Large numbers of blemishes spread all over the skin.

Inflammation can often be noticed by red tinting to the skin and possibly a warm feeling when the skin is touched. The blemishes may also appear swollen or spread out. Diagnosing inflammation in acne is similar to looking at a cut in the finger and determining whether it is infected (same as inflamed). Serious inflammation is difficult to treat with typical over the counter medications but oral acne treatments prescribed from a doctor could be more effective.

Nodular acne is a more serious form of acne which goes deep into the skin where many over the counter creams and lotions cannot reach. The nodules often cover large areas of skin and can be quite painful, which leads many people to skip over the counter remedies altogether and seek a prescription from a doctor. With severe nodular acne conditions, even oral acne treatment is sometimes unsuccessful.

Some serious cases of acne go well beyond a whitehead on the chin or a few blackheads scattered across the nose. They often include masses of pimples spread in all areas of the face. It is more difficult to treat this type of acne outbreak with topical treatments without spreading the pus around and creating an even bigger problem. That is why oral acne treatment is a better option for more severe cases with a higher amount of blemishes hitting the skin at once.

Some of the more commonly prescribed oral acne treatment medications are simply antibiotics which kill off the bad bacteria which collect in the pores and cause many acne conditions. There are less side effects with this type of oral acne treatment than with the more potent but often prescribed Accutane. This is an option prescribed as a last chance resort for those with very severe acne conditions that do not respond to less intensive oral acne treatments. This is because it comes with a long list of rather serious potential side effects.

Another oral acne treatment is birth control pills. For women who experience regular acne outbreaks due to hormonal shifts during the menstrual cycle, these pills can be quite effective at managing outbreaks.

If you think your acne might respond better to oral acne treatment than it has to over the counter products or all natural remedies, see your doctor or visit a dermatologist.

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