Not All Morning Sickness Symptoms Mean Pregnant

Nausea and vomiting in the morning, especially if you are sexually active or are married, often suspected as a symptom of pregnancy. However, the symptoms of which are also referred to as morning sickness is not always a sign of pregnancy. Morning sickness can also be caused by various factors, such as hormonal imbalance, stomach acid that rises, sleep disorder sleep apnea, stress, or depression.
According to the chairman of the American Medical Association, Dr. Brian Morton, the release of hormones from the brain will determine whether we are the people who used to get up in the morning or evening. He explained that the sense of nausea in the mornings can be caused by the inability of the brain to release natural hormone such as adrenaline or serotonin, when we wake up in the morning. Morton said the biological rhythms of day and night at every person is different. In women, this is compounded by the influence of hormones during menstruation.
Symptoms of morning sickness is not always experienced by women, but also men. The most common cause of this condition is the reflux, the stomach acid up into the esophagus. Morton continued, the symptoms as there is a bitter taste in the mouth or pain in the lower abdomen. Overcome by drinking milk or antacids to address excessive acid. To prevent reflux, Morton advised to not skip dinner. Also avoid excessive alcohol consumption or drinking less before bedtime. In some people, raising the pillow in the head can help.

The best drink to treat nausea

There are many reasons why we feel sick, and drinking fluids is the fastest way to solve it. Various parts of the body can be involved in the onset of nausea. According to dr. Lawrance Szarka, a professor of gastroenterology (digestive), part of the inner ear, stomach, nose, or blood, can send signals to the brain that something is ingested and bad effects. Szarka said, experts believe that nausea is the evolutionary adaptation to remove rotten or poisonous food.
Nausea can be caused by food poisoning or excess intake of fatty foods, alcohol, or caffeine. Even a foul odor can also make stomach uneasy. Pain due to rising vehicle (motion sickness) also become a common cause nausea, although the cause is unknown. But this is no relation between the mismatch between signals originating from the movement of the eyes and the inner ear.
One way to overcome the nausea is by eating certain drinks. There are some peoples feeling better after consuming ginger ale, soda, or coconut water. Difficult to determine which is most effective, but just listen to body signals. Our bodies are very good at telling what we need, and most people who feel nauseous already better after drinking water, said Dr. Szarka.
Sugary drinks and soda, sometimes better than water to treat nausea. Carbonation can reduce the acidity in the stomach, so that nausea is reduced. Cola drinks also contain phosphoric acid which is found in the-counter anti-nausea medications.
In addition, other beverages are also believed to be effective is drink ginger tea. But sometimes only a ginger drink packaging containing flavorings ginger, thus eliminating substances that nausea is actually a sugar or carbonation. Research has shown that coconut water is as good as in the case of sports drinks to replace lost fluids after exercising and also reduce nausea. Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine when you’re sick. Consumption of just what it feels comfortable in the stomach. Sometimes, simple things are the best choice.

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