Natural way of coping with Oily Face


In addition to the black flecks of acne scars, problems occurred on the face is oily facial skin. Oily faces make skin look shiny and certainly not appealing. While women crave clean, gorgeous face, and oil free kesat. Not the least of the womenfolk who do a variety of ways so that the face is not oily.

oily skin

Oily face make cosmetics used will be useless, because usually these cosmetics will quickly fade in akibatkan oil glands on the face are often active. Result of oily skin will make the skin pores are enlarged and the number of facial blackheads on the nose. Don’t stop there, the acne will also be ‘ at home ‘ live at oily facial skin.

Many factors cause oily facial skin, including the use of cosmetics that do not match, do not seimbangannya hormones, diet, or the influence of the use of certain drugs.

Well, on this occasion I will analyze and effectively resolve oily facial skin which I divided into three ways as follows;

1. how to cope with the oily face with tomatoes

The required ingredients are tomatoes a fruit, unsweetened one tablespoon. As for how to make and use it is as follows;

A tomato that has been finely blended with fresh yogurt, make sure both of these materials are completely mixed.
Use for smearing the neck and facial skin with movement clockwise or vice versa.
Let sit for about five to ten minutes.
Rinse your face and neck with warm water until it is completely clean.

2. how to cope with the oily face with egg white

In addition to tomatoes, for oily face you can use egg whites as a face mask. This is because the egg whites contain protein that is rich in nutrients, which can moisturize the skin of your face and very quick in processing facial skin regeneration.

In addition, the egg white is certainly can reduce the levels of excess oil on your face and make the facial skin pores become smaller. Here’s how to create and use egg whites as a face mask;

Eggs four items had been taken away and whipped his white
Combine lime juice and honey each ½ teaspoon
Face smeared with the herb and leave for about ten minutes until it dries.
Wash your face with warm water first, and then rinsed with cold water.

3. how to cope with the oily face with lemon

In addition to the tomato and egg whites, how to deal with oily face is using lemons. This is because the content of vitamin C in lemons was able to lift the excessive oil on the face and skin cells that die. Here’s how to create and use it;

Water juice of one lemon mixed with one tablespoon of granulated sugar.
Use to rub the face slowly until completely evenly.
For maximum results, take these tips on a regular basis.
So the three effective ways to overcome the naturally oily face and good luck.

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