Natural Acne Home Remedies – Proven Remedies That Clear Acne Fast


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Natural acne home remedies have been used for decades, and most have proven to work very well in clearing up even the worst acne. Below is just a few of these proven home remedies.

1. Milk and Honey – Make a paste and spread it over the acne affected area(s). Let it sit for about 3-5 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Pat your face dry with a soft towel. Do this twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. You will start to notice your acne clearing up in a couple of days.

2. Dish Soap – This may sound a bit crazy but this stuff is made for cutting grease and oil. You will have to make certain that you get a dish soap that is for sensitive skin, or that it is sensitive on skin. Simply wash your acne with this soap twice a day, and then moisturize the area right after with some aloe vera based lotion. You will notice results in a couple of days.

3. Egg white and used Coffee Grounds – This makes a perfect exfoliating mix. Simply take some used coffee grounds and mix them into some egg whites, very gently rub your face or affected areas with it and then wash off with warm water, Pat your skin dry with a towel. This will aid in clearing out the oil and dirt from your pores, and the egg white will help to shrink your pores.

4. Toothpaste – This remedy works extremely well in drying up your acne, however it is very important to note that it will also dry out your skin as well. Simply dab the toothpaste onto the acne and leave the toothpaste on for about 20 min, after that wash it off with warm water and then use an aloe vera based moisturizer to re-hydrate your skin. You can expect that in a few days your acne will have cleared up a great deal.

These remedies have been proven to work, but the major issue when it comes down to natural home remedies is that they are just used as temporary fixes. In order to be able to get rid of your acne for good you have to use a natural method that will attack not just the acne but the underlying cause of the acne.

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