Mouth Odor Causes and How to eliminate it


Causes and tips to eliminate bad breath – you have a problem with bad breath? No! If anyone has a bad breath problem it is better to know the cause and how to eliminate them.

There are many causes of bad breath. One of the most dominant bacteria. Though bad breath is very disturbing, there are still many people who do not pay attention to this problem though cause everyone else uncomfortable.

When the cause of bad breath is bacteria found behind the tongue, then the bacteria that is producing sulfur compounds, a major cause of bad breath volatile.

If not for bacteria, bad breath may be caused by infection of the tonsils, nose or throat. If so then see a dentist or ENT for a consultation is a wise move.

The other causes are cavities, tartar, lacking hygiene and oral health, and can also be caused by certain diseases are not related directly to the mouth.

Here are tips on eliminating bad breath:

  1. Use a tongue scraper (could mnggunakan toothbrush) to remove bacteria that incubate in the back of the mouth between 5-15 times, especially the center of the tongue.
  2. Keep your teeth with Floss daily to reduce bacteria
  3. Try using mouthwash regularly
  4. Eliminate tartar with a dental visit
  5. Brushing your teeth after meals and before bed
  6. If you wear dentures and removable braces, it should be cleaned regularly.
  7. Try to keep the mouth moist, multiply by drinking water or chewing gum that contains no sugar
  8. We recommend that you replace your toothbrush every three months with new
  9. Routinely check your teeth to the dentist than 6 months

In principle, bad breath is oral health problems. Therefore the step and the easiest way to prevent and eliminate bad breath is to maintain oral hygiene and dental.

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