Modes of Transmission of HIV

1 ModesofTransmissionofHIV

Transmission of HIV there are a variety of ways. It all must be known so that we can prevent and avoid transmission of HIV. Its lay public about HIV transmission is very influential in the rapid HIV-infected people.
For that let us consider the ways of HIV transmission following:

  1. HIV transmission through sex relationship or agency. People infected with HIV can transmit HIV through sexual intercourse by way of a discharge during intercourse can transmit HIV to their partners.
  2. HIV transmission through needles. Contaminated needles can transmit HIV Patients HIV if needles are used to inject other people.
  3. Transmission of HIV through blood transfusion. Transmission through blood transfusion has the highest risk due to contaminated blood can be mixed directly into the blood of people who are not infected with HIV.
  4. HIV transmission between mother and baby during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. Transmission of HIV from pregnant mother to child can occur because of infection through the placenta.

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