Misleading announcement regarding vitamin D



ALEXANDRIA, Va., Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ — The American Medical Women Asociation (AMWA) calls for an increase in currently recommended vitamin D intake.  According to research most people are not getting the recommended intake of vitamin D. According to the AMWA Vitamin D deficiency has often been linked to osteoporosis, a condition that affects more than 10 million Americans and threatens 34 million others. A Report of the Surgeon General (2004) listed vitamin D, along with calcium and physical activity, as the three key elements to maintaining optimal bone health. Based on relevant clinical practice experience and involvement in various research that highlights the role of vitamin D in bone health, the panel concluded that it is of paramount importance that vitamin D be considered in patients being treated for osteoporosis and other bone diseases.


Funding for this initiative has been provided by Merck & Co., Inc.


SOURCE The American Medical Women’s Association
Web Site: http://www.amwa-doc.org


This is a disgraceful announcement that is not only erroneous but downright harmful to people’s health.  The ‘research’ behind this report was funded by one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies (namely Merk) who have a vested interest in selling vitamin D and calcium supplements.  The truth is that taking vitamin D and calcium supplements does not protect against osteoporosis – on the contrary, such supplements increase the risk of osteoporosis.  Unfortunately the AMWA has been hoodwinked and misled into making an announcement that is harmful to women’s health.  All the latest peer-reviewed research is saying that taking vitamin D and calcium supplements actually increases the risk of osteoporosis.  For proof see the free ebook  Osteoporosis Can Be Prevented.

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