Miscellaneous Understanding And Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is any kind of treatment by using the method of non-medical treatment or can also be interpreted as a type of treatment that serves as a supporting treatment methods of medical treatment.

More alternative treatment selected for each community because they are cheaper and there are no side effects.But basically, alternative treatments can not be used as a substitute for primary treatment, there are some alternative treatments most in the interest of the public for now.

Miscellaneous Understanding And Alternative Medicine

Alternative treatments that exist in society today mostly do not have the scientific evidence is strong and plumpness just based on the experiences of patients only.In terms of the scientific evidence to demonstrate the safety, effectiveness and quality of a treatment.This condition makes alternative medicine is generally not recommended by doctors because patients will leave the main treatment works to treat her illness.

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However, some of the following alternative treatments still in the interest of many people, such as the following:

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine in which healthcare practitioners will treat patients using the principle of incurable diseases with natural ingredients that may be the cause.
hemopati drug claimed to cooperate with the immune system and defend itself from disease.Means hemopati can stimulate increase body resistance to infection, accelerates healing and prevent complications without side effects.

hypnotis is generally used for curative purposes, especially in the case of addiction, where a person can not stop even after trying a variety of methods.
Apart from that there are also other benefits, such as hypnosis weight, cure memory problems, insomnia, sadness, disturbance compulsive obsession, stutter, confidence, shyness, labor, skin problems, public speaking, anxiety, pain, impaired habits and others.
hypnosis is known as hypnotherapy.

Gurah is traditional treatments to remove mucus from the body using herbal concoctions.
in the tradition of citizens Imogiri, gurah done srigunggu incubate leaf extract (clerodendron serratum) into the mouth or nostrils, which do sinden to preserve sound quality.
In the expansion, the herb is used not only leaves srigunggu (clerodendron serratum), be some therapeutic uses other types of foliage, such as seasoning spices like cayenne and turmeric.

Ceragem therapy is a therapy that uses jade Korea with infra-red technology.
infrared rays can penetrate the body up to 14 cm in point point so the body feels warm.
Jade are already hot will be moved to other body parts that have not been hot, this is what makes a patient’s blood circulation becomes smooth, patient so a good night’s sleep so got a very good sleep quality.

As an alternative therapy, the practice of cupping or in Arabic is called hijamah more and more in demand, this dirty blood sampling technique can overcome various health problems, especially cholesterol and high blood pressure.
Cupping differentiate into two, namely cupping dry and wet cupping, the cupping wet, dirty blood will be removed from the artery, because part of it was cut, it must be done by a trained person.
whereas only a dry cupping suction for minor complaints such as colds, it could be anyone.

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine from countries China by inserting or insert a needle into the body.Scientifically proven acupuncture to treat pain and nausea after surgery, although for the pain, some people still consider it a placebo effect or suggestion only.
Now acupuncture has been exported to various countries around the world.
In European countries such as the UK, almost half pelatiahan acupuncture practitioners to follow to be able to practice these skills in dealing with patients.

Thus my article on the definition of alternative medicine and kinds of stuff, I hope this article helps you to solve problems related to your health.

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