milk increases chances of twins


An American study shows that drinking milk increases the chances for women to have twin babies. A study published in Journal of Reproductive Medicine shows that compared to vegetables-eating mothers, milk consuming mothers have a 13% higher chance of a multiple birth!

The study shows that this is due to bovine IGF-1 (a bovine growth hormone present is all types of dairy milk). As explained in The Milk Imperative, many studies show that IGF-1 is responsible several types of cancer and other diseases in humans who consume milk.
Gary Steinman of the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, who conducted the study, took a sample of more than 1000 women who were consuming only vegetables and observed that these women had five times less chances of bearing twins compared to omnivorous ones. Dr. Steinman suggests that animal-product foodstuffs, especially dairy foods, can increase the chance of releasing during ovulation more than one egg, which could lead to a double fertilization.

This theory is also supported by the finding that in some traditionally dairy consuming populations, the rate of twin birth is high. If it is true that consuming milk increases the chances of a multiple birth, this adds further support to the horror story of IGF-1. Anybody consuming dairy milk will ingest this harmful bovine growth hormone, and this plays havoc with the natural hormonal balance of the human body. Giving birth to twins or triplets is an aberration in the human species, not a sign of good health.

The harm caused by IGF-1 in dairy milk is fully explored in the new edition of The Milk Imperative (

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