Mercola on Pain and how to Relieve Pain with Healthy Actions


I often find Mercola’s posts very useful – and read the comments as well. However, I view these issues from a health perspective – most people view from an illness perspective.  When viewed from a health perspective, different facts come to light. Mercola neglects to mention that sometimes, we need to fix pain by finding the source, not by techniques that minimize pain.

Pain, like all health factors, exists on a continuum from pain deficient, to normal healthy pain, to excessive pain.

Here is my comment to Dr. Mercola’s post.

Pain is healthy, a healthy response to danger in our environment, a healthy response to damage in our bodies.  In healthy bodies we need to feel pain appropriately.  What is pain?…/what-is-pain.html
When pain becomes persistent, it is clear that there are severe problems.  Pain is also a learned response – and our body and brain can re-create pain where it does not exist, even where body parts do not exist. Treating long term pain with painkillers is basically an admission of failure to understand the problem. The underlying problem may be: 

1. ‘learned pain’ as discussed in this post, or
2. it may be ‘ongoing damage’ – which needs to be located and stopped, or
3. it may be a result of ‘severe damage’ to the body which is not ongoing, but is so severe, or of a nature that it will not heal.  

Both 1 and 3 above can be treated with EMT.  We can learn to ‘not feel pain’ when the pain is learned.  We can also learn to ‘not feel pain’, or at least not feel it so severely, for severed damage.  

Painkillers should be prescribed as a bridge – for short term pain due to injury.  But for all cases of long term pain, a re-assessment is required. For items 1 and 3 – ‘severe damage’ and ‘learned pain’ EMT is the appropriate response.  

For ongoing damage, it is important to identify the source of the damage – possibly toxins in the diet, for example and eliminate the source of the pain. 

Everyone has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of healthiness.  Everyone has a right to UNDERSTAND their pains. tracy…/what-is-pain.html

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