Menopause Sweating – How to Cure Menopause Sweating Naturally

It really is no joke to break out into a sweat when you’re feeling tense and stressed out. In a similar manner, the sweat outbreak that results from menopause is no laughing matter. Menopause Sweating is a serious concern among women aged 45 and up.
What triggers Menopausal Sweating
Once the menstrual cycle stops, a woman goes through a series of body changes. Stress and sweat still work together in a continuous cycle, but now they interact for the worse. The sweat attacks that menopausal women suffer can either manifest as hot flashes or cold sweats. Hot flashes can even be accompanied by night sweats.
These symptoms are not only uncomfortable. They are also disturbing and distressing for someone who is going through enough hormonal changes as it is.
How to Cure Menopausal Sweating
Many women would be glad to know that sweating during menopause can be cured and lessened naturally. Naturally there will be some do’s and don’ts, so here they are:
1. Do abstain from alcohol and other hard drinks completely. They warm up your body and cause you to sweat.
2. Do avoid caffeine in your coffee and go for the decaffeinated type. Caffeine-related products trigger night sweats that cause you more discomfort.
3. Do lessen your intake of food and drinks which would raise your blood sugar. A high level of sugar in your blood would trigger episodes of menopausal night sweats.
4. Don’t indulge in hot and spicy foods. They heat up your body and cause you to break out into uncontrollable sweating.
5. Don’t consume salty and artificially processed foods as well as fatty and deep-fried dishes. They will only get in the way of your metabolism and make your sweating irregular.
A woman’s internal makeup becomes a little more erratic, and a lot of changes happen with the onset of menopause. As one of these changes, Menopausal Sweating can be remedied naturally. Just a few minor changes in your lifestyle and diet can make that significant difference.

By Chris Bryce

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