Melon Fruit For Health Benefits

The health benefits of melons
The health benefits of melons
The health benefits of melons
The famous fruit with a latin term Cucumis melo “melon” is one of the fruits that fall into the category of fruit of the gourd-labuan. The fruit itself is also still belongs to fresh fruit such as “cantaloupe and watermelon fruit”.
Melon is believed to have been cultivated in Indonesia since the start of the 70 ‘s, fruit melon fruit is also often associated with wealthy people. This statement is proven, because fruit melon first does have a selling price that is quite expensive than other fresh fruits. But along with the development of plantations in Indonesia, melon melons now can be enjoyed by the public at large.
Benefits Of Melon
Melon Fruit For Health Benefits
But the question is, have you understood about content and benefits contained in the fresh fruit on this one “fruit melom”??? and here are some explanations of the benefits of melon fruit for health we could serve it for you who haven’t learned the benefits of melon fruit itself:
Oh yes before you read the melon fruit for health benefits, there’s no harm in too if you know the content of the nutrients contained in Melon Fruit, and here are some nutritional fruit melon as much as 100 grams:
Total carbohydrate 14.8 g
Total fat 0.5 g
Protein as much as 1.55 grams
Total carbohydrate 14.8 g
As many as 546,9 mg Potassium,
Vitamin A and Vitamin c.
Melon Fruit for health benefits
As the fruit of Anti Aging
Why is this so?? This is because fruits contain natural collagen melons, where this content belongs to one of the substances/compounds that are able to prevent the skin from premature aging, not only that collagen is also beneficial for both speed up the process of wound healing.
Good Fruit Is Good For Diet
If you are one of the people who are running a healthy diet, there is no harm in place the melon fruit into one of your dinner menu to streamline your healthy diet. Melon fruit contains more than 90% of the water that can give you the coolness and distance from the heat inside. In addition this healthy fruit also contains low calories, no fat and nasty kolestrol contains.
Anti-cancer Fruit
The content of carotenoids in fruit melon, it works well to keep the body from cancer, cancer could be prevented from this fruit is lung cancer lung cancer and breast.
Prevent Attack Of Heart Disease
Melon contains a compound that is good to minimize your chances of developing heart and stroke penykait, the content of adenosine dapaun.
Can Be Useful Both For Eye Health
The melon Betakaroten incapable of transformed into one of the vitamins that are good for the eyes “vitamin A” so if vitamin A in the body can be our eyes would be sure to be more healthy.

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