Meat rabbit Can Overcome Infertility


Rabbits are animals that many kept and loved people, ranging from children to the elderly. This carrot-eating animals so many kinds. Similarly, color of fur. There are white, brown, black, gray and many more. By relying on his hind legs, these animals are able to jump quickly to avoid danger.

Lately livestock farming rabbits already so advanced that where rabbits are easy to find everywhere. Even in markets shock (residential areas or in the street) have sold rabbits in considerable amounts, using a pickup.

Rabbits as pets in addition, it also meat is believed to cure a disease. An interesting experience happened in Sleman – Yogyakarta. A rabbit breeder one day ever with the arrival of the struggling breath. Without many of the comments people are directly asked dibakarkan rabbit liver plus heart. Without thinking fulfill the request. Once the rabbit meat is ripe, that person immediately eat until nothing left. About 5 minutes later the man who turned out to people with asthma are no longer struggling. Even his face seemed happy. A moment later explained to the person that rabbit meat rabbit breeders believed to cure asthma. Especially when cooking by boiling it.

Efficacy of rabbit meat was found two students Malang UB School of Medicine. Content of ketotifen in rabbit be an alternative for people with asthma. Molecular compounds contained in this meat can cure asthma. The most effective lies in the hearts of rabbits. To maintain nutrient levels and content ketotifen, the best stew cooked using the system.

Based on the bizarre experiences eventually opened the pedanag rabbit rabbit satay stall not far from his home. Almost every day there is a typical buyer organs in rabbits, eg head, bile, liver and penis. According to the buyers, the organs of these animals has its own efficacy as a treatment alternative.

Based on his experience, the satay traders said that all parts of the rabbits have properties to cure diseases. For example the head, liver, bile, and meat dick. But there is still yet to be known, who knows from blood and skin are also stored potent efficacy.

Head rabbit brain in which there is, for example, can increase a woman’s fertility. Rabbit liver to treat asthma. Meat is known to have a high protein and low cholesterol is also good for health. Being the penis and testicles of animals can increase male prowess.

There are enough ways to process plastic inserted and then steamed. Indeed, scientific studies on the efficacy of rabbit meat have not heard, but some people claim (suggestion) correctness properties of rabbit meat.

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