Measures First Aid Heart Attack


First aid for heart attacks, including one type of training that is taught in the training of emergency care. It is classified as a heart attack one of the causes of sudden death in the world. Thus, this type of training will be very useful in preventing the increases in the death rate from heart attacks in the world.

One cause of the high death rate from heart attacks is the lack of public knowledge about the actions that should be given first aid on a heart attack. As a result, many people who are confused and do not know what to do, when faced with people who are having a heart attack.

To that end, first aid training heart attack should be more widely applied. Because, at the moment people are exposed to the risk of heart attack is no longer dominated by the elderly alone. however, all ages can be affected by a heart attack as a result of changes in lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns.

To that end, first aid training heart attack should be given early. There is no harm in teaching methods help this at primary school age children. Because they are expected to provide relief when seeing someone having a heart attack.

First Aid Steps

To perform first aid on a heart attack, we must do it right. This is to avoid the mistakes and the bad effects of the error-handling process that we do. Proper training and continuous, is one way to improve one’s understanding in performing first aid on the heart attack.

Some of the steps that must be done when doing first aid on a heart attack are:

  1. Put a heart attack victim’s body in a supine position with the hands straightened out to the side.
  2. Provide sufficient air. What often happens is, when the heart attack occurred in a public place, the victim will be surrounded by people who want to see up close. It is wrong, immediately get rid of the crowd, to provide fresh air to the victims.
  3. Give pressure on the victim’s heart, with massage techniques in order to give effect to the shock and pacemakers. Remember, limit the maximum pressure 7 times the pressure and give pause. This is to prevent us having a heart attack as well.
  4. Provide assistance breathing through the mouth. Earlier, the victim’s nose shut and then open his mouth and enter the air through the mouth.

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