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Mangosteen For the Treatment And Prevention Of Canker Sores & Gum Disease

PAIN and INFLAMMATION: an overview

INFLAMMATION is the primary cause of PAIN. Everyone experiences pain at one point or another. It often indicates that something is not right. Each individual is the best judge of his or her own pain; it is as if whenever a person tells there is. Pain may be mild and last just a moment, or it may be severe and last for weeks or months.

There are actually two types of pain, one is acute pain and the other is chronic pain. Surgery, broken bones, toothache, burns etc. are the usual cause of acute pain, while cancer pain, arthritis pain, neurogenic pain (pain resulting from damaged nerves) and so forth causes chronic pain. However, acute pain may eventually lead to chronic pain.

In addition, most of us also have already experience the redness, warmth, swelling, and pain that signals inflammation. It begins when white blood cells release chemicals in response to a virus and bacteria or to provide protection immediately after an injury.

PAIN and INFLAMMATION: how is it treated?

Pain may be treated in a number of ways, depending upon its severity. Following is a list of strategies on how to manage pain:

Ø Medicines – Over-the-counter drugs like acetaminophen and stronger types of painkillers such as morphine are the most common strategy for relieving pain. Although these prescriptions are effective, they usually cause some side effects.

Ø Non- pharmacological approaches – heat or cold compress, massage (healing power of touch), relaxation techniques (deep breathing or progressive relaxation), mental techniques (meditation), and diversional activities (reading, chat with a friend).

If these conventional forms of pain relief are not your type, you may try various methods to achieve maximum relief and I would like to introduce the value of the tropical fruit MANGOSTEEN in relation to pain or inflammation management.

Mangosteen benefits for Diabetic patients

MANGOSTEEN: A Natural Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic

It is a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic, perhaps the most powerful health product in the world today. What are the benefits of the incredible mangosteen fruit particularly in managing pain and inflammation? Find out the facts about this mysterious fruit.

Xanthones, which are very unique to the mangosteen appears to possess numerous potential beneficial properties such as, “antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, antituberculotic, antitumor, antiplatelet, Beta-adrenergic blocking and anticonvulsant” properties. More recent research has revealed that, xanthones appear to be the most nutritionally important elements in the mangosteen fruit.

Proanthocyanidins present in the mangosteen as in grape seeds and skins and pine bark extract, have numerous qualities considered to be valuable in both the prevention of disease and the restoration of homeostasis (healthful balance) when disease is present.

Its anti-inflammatory xanthones may be responsible for providing more immediate relief than any other phytonutrients found in the fruit. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of mangosteen have been compared in strength to one of the most potent anti-inflammatory prescription drugs, Dexamethasone. Possible side effects of this prescription drug are dizziness, insomnia, restlessness, easy bruising, upset stomach and vomiting. Mangosteen has NONE of these SIDE EFFECTS!

Mangosteen also contains other benefits that are even more exciting in some ways.

A. Overall body health and wellness

§ Fatigue (may boosts energy without stimulants)

§ Aging (due to free radical exposure)

§ Immune function

§ Assists other vitamins and antioxidants

§ Allergies (may act as an anti-histamine)

B. Brain and Nerve Health

§ Parkinson’s disease (may protect neurons against damage)

§ Alzheimer’s disease (may decrease the inflammatory response to damaged neurons)

§ Nerve damage (may decrease free-radical damage, especially common in diabetes)

C. Kidney and Urinary Tract Health

§ Kidney disorders (may enhance kidney function)

§ Bladder infections (may decrease inflammation)

D. Musculoskeletal Health

§ Arthritis and joint health (may decrease inflammation, pain and joint damage associated with arthritis)

§ Headaches, Migraine headaches

§ Fibromyalgia (may relieve muscle pain, whole body inflammation, depression and anxiety)

§ Sports health (may decrease pain and inflammation following sports workout and minor injuries)

If you might have a food to aid with all of the mentioned above, why wouldn’t you? Right? However, the question now is how to decide on the right mangosteen? Will I take a mangosteen in a Liquid or Solid form? Try to look profoundly unto this table, then you decide!

absolutely free from additives has additives, very rich in man-made added sugars
costs less costs more
you get 100% mangosteen made up of other juices with mangosteen having the least number of percentage
you can bring it anytime and anywhere not so easy to travel with

Various sources on the Internet state that mangosteen in solid or powdered extract contains more beneficial xanthones than the fruit in liquid form. The pericarp is ground into a fine powder, and is typically manufactured in 515 mg capsules. Mangosteen capsules provide the purest form of mangosteen at a fraction of the cost of mangosteen fruit juices. Capsules are also more convenient for people who live an active lifestyle.

Mangosteen in Solid Forms gives you the best nourishment possible!

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