Mangosteen Scams: What You Need To Know Before You Buy


Scams are common and somewhat ubiquitous in the Internet. Scammers are quick to pounce on any opportunity particularly on products that are making waves and driving so much traffic in the Internet. These crooks are just relentless and willing to go the extra mile just to fool the public into procuring or ordering what they have to offer. Some of these scams are shut down by authorities but then they reappear overnight and sprang a like mushroom but with a different name and they go on with their dubious business anew. The people involved are professionals, they know the in and outs of the trade and their networks are complex.

One particular product that scammers took advantage of is the mangosteen which comes in different forms like juices, pills, ice cream, among others. Let me first discuss the anatomy of online scams, there are so many but they have a generic formula. They normally target your credit card. Once you have been enticed by their ads and you decide to try their products, your nightmare is about to begin. You get recurring billing and when you try to contact the supplier for cancellation, they are nowhere to be found or you don’t get a sensible answer from their customer service. You get tossed around while different people are saying different things. You realize it’s just a waste of time and you eventually decide to file a dispute with your bank which could take eons before it gets resolved because the banks themselves can’t trace and verify transactions with these bogus companies. Finally, out of sheer disgust, you decide to cancel your credit card.

You have to realize that mangosteen itself is not the problem. The fruit is also a victim of these scammers. The health benefits that you can derive from this fruit is for real and are backed by decades of rigorous studies and research. People will not patronize it if it does not produce the results that they desire. What scammers may claim about the health wonders of the purple fruit are partly true, the problem is they exaggerate it to make their products more enticing to the unsuspecting public.

Mangosteen scams usually take advantage of your desire to reap the health benefits of this wonder fruit. The scammers are very good at marketing their crappy products and they somehow possess extraordinary convincing powers. You just find yourself ordering their products. Here is the trick. You get duped by availing the product, whichever form it may take, only to realize that the quality is quite inferior and the actual mangosteen content is very little if at all present. That’s how they make their money. More so with mangosteen juice. Keep in mind that the powder form or the solid form is superior as compared to the liquid variety. Even with credible companies, you only get a small amount of mangosteen and it undergoes processing which means additives are added to give it a longer shelf life. Furthermore, the bulk of the juice is made from common juices you can find in your local supermarket. So you can just imagine what you get when you decide to avail of mangosteen juice from scammers. You pay top dollar for a small amount of Mangosteen. That’s what you may call a double whammy!

So what do you have to do to avoid getting tricked by these scammers? First verify if the company is legitimate. Do a background check including the company’s contact details. Another smart thing to do is to use a virtual credit card number for any purchase you make, especially for free trial offers. A virtual credit card only allows one payment to go through and then it expires, no other charges are allowed to that account. This way you avoid recurring charges. Also, understand that you will not experience these problems with a large, reputable company. These small bogus companies just operate above the law, and it is difficult for the government to keep up with them. Don’t become a victim of these scams. Be wise, arm yourself with as much information that you can get. It is your health that is your primary concern, these scammers don’t care about sending you a crappy product with no health benefits. They are only after your money.

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