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Psoriasis is characterized by thick, red scaly skin that is both itchy and flaky. It can range in severity from tiny spots in a few areas to almost total body coverage. This disease is a bit of mystery in that not much is know about what causes it. Some believe that it is an auto-immune disorder while others believe it is rooted in excessive growth of skin cells. Whichever happens to be the case, it is agreed upon that there is a genetic component as well as a lifestyle component to this disorder. Lifestyle factors that aggravate psoriasis include drinking, smoking and stress.

Once you have psoriasis it is, unfortunately, a lifelong condition. There are a few options available to you in terms of western medicine but as the exact mechanisms of the disease aren’t well known it’s hard to create a ‘pill’ to cure it. I recommend a holistic approach which involves healing your body from the inside out, but before I get into that lets look at the more common place treatments available:

  • Topical Creams—steroid creams can be prescribed by your doctor and have been shown to reduce the incidence of psoriasis spots (otherwise known as plaques) UV Exposure—probably one of the easiest ways to combat psoriasis, exposure to UV radiation aka sunlight whether by going outside or hitting the tanning bed has been shown to have beneficial effects with regards to psoriasis.
  • Systematic treatment—this is the most drastic step that western medicine has to offer. It involves taking either a pill or an injection of either an immunosupressants or a synthesized version of vitamin A. It should be noted that if you choose to undergo this method you will have to be monitored with frequent blood tests due to the toxicity of the medications.

While all of those options will provide some relief from the symptoms of psoriasis, they don’t address the root cause of the problem. That catch here is, as I said above, no one really knows what causes it in the first place. As someone who suffers from mild psoriasis myself, I found the answer lay in creating whole body health. First, it’s important to remember that you can get your body into a profound state of health and well-being but it takes work. And what’s more, once you’ve achieved this level of health, it’s easy to fall back into your old ways since you ‘feel so good, you must be cured’. This is something to be avoided at all costs as it just results in more work in the long run.

Ridding yourself of psoriasis is one part physical and one part mental. A proper diet and exercise are a must. Like that old computer programming saying goes: “garbage in, garbage out”. If you don’t give your body the tools to get better, it never will. Eat unrefined, simple, earthy foods. Often times all the additives and chemicals in our diets come from the sauces and dips we eat with our meals. Learn to love the taste of plain foods. Strength training and cardiovascular fitness keep your immune system strong and force your body to ‘stay on its toes’. A worked-out body is one in constant repair, and that’s what you want to have happen. Exercise is truly a proactive and preventative approach to health care.

Supplementation also plays a big role in overcoming psoriasis. I use Natural Home Cures Brand mangosteen for a couple of reasons. Mangosteen is a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, so it both treats and prevents any chronic infections or low-level inflammation you may have. This is essential for whole body health. Think of it as laying the groundwork for your recovery. What makes mangosteen so special is that it’s packed full of compounds called xanthones, which is what actually have those two wonderful attributes I’ve mentioned above.

The Natural Home Cures brand of mangosteen comes in solid form, which is a must for me. The xanthones in mangosteen are found in the rind of the fruit. Solid form mangosteen is created by grinding up this rind and packaging it in a pill form for consumption. In contrast, liquid mangosteen supplements are created from the rind and the pulp and then that is mixed with other fruit juices to make the ‘drink’ taste appealing. I don’t fancy the idea of spending my money on a mangosteen supplement that’s more pear and guava juice than it is mangosteen and that’s why I like the Natural Home Cures Brand.

Last but not least get rid of alcohol, cigarettes and learn to relax. Chronic stress is one of the worst things we can do for our body so it’s paramount that you learn to relax and de-stress as much as your life and your schedule will allow.

Following the principles I’ve outlined above should have you on your way to recovery and a more healthy, active life.

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