Make Herbal Gardening Your Workout!

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As a gardener, I move to and fro in my herbal garden for my regular chores like –

1.    Lifting a pail of water with bended knees (to protect the back);
2.   Getting water from the pail with a dipper (tabo) then pouring water thoroughly in plants;
3.   Squatting and semi-squatting to remove aphids, pests, old leaves, or add organic fertilizer;
4.   Carrying pots with soil and plants, vegetable wastes, leaves, and soil for composting (Plant Care) and;
5.   Filling up pots with soil using a trowel then transplanting stems.

All these actions firm the arms, legs, hips and shape the waistline.  Studies have shown that a person weighing 150 lbs. would burn 272 calories in an hour. This automatically is an enjoyable workout!

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And as I  remove old leaves or even just move leaves accidentally or purposely, the scent of peppermint, Java and Japanese mints, Rosemary, Kuchai Leek, Basil and other herbs exude all over my herbaland! Natural fragrance and a good supply of Oxygen for me!

Unlike other exercises where eating is preferred after the workout, for gardening it would be better to eat breakfast first. Plant lovers tend be carried away in the garden for more than two hours, oblivious to time! I’ve learned my lesson that’s why once I wake up, I eat  breakfast using my herbs.

Among of those I eat are Ashitaba leaves and Gotu Kola. For tea, I drink steeped Tarragon, Mint, Balbas Pusa, or Damong Maria for circulation and all the good things that they offer.  For breakfast I toast bread and top it with different kinds ofy herbs like Oregano, Basil, Dill, Kuchai, Basil etc. mixed with olive oil, cheese and garlic. I also make an all-herb pizza with tomato sauce and freshly-picked spinach with Tarragon vinaigrette! On some days, I eat boiled sweet potato (Camote), banana fries or boiled Cassava (Camoteng Kahoy) which are highly nutritious!  I also drink my homemade Aloe Vera Alkaline Syrup and Tablea. Tablea is from 100% cocoa or cacao beans which really gives energy and strengthens bones with its manganese and magnesium content. With all these, I am ready to get to work!

I notice that once I start doing my rounds, I start to perspire and though the morning sun aggravates the heat, it’s a blessing because sunshine provides Vitamin D which helps absorb calcium for strong bones, strengthen the immune system, and prevent diseases like colon cancer.  It also helps eliminates toxins and keep your skin healthy.

May all these healthy benefits inspire you more to care for your garden and enjoy the fruits of your workout!

Herbal Gardener, MBA

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