Maintain health by consuming eggs

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What you are someone who loves to eat eggs?
I think, we also need to know what are the benefits of eggs we eat for body health.
The egg had 3 parts. The first skin, secondly, egg white and egg yolk is next. We eat the yolks and egg whites. And it seems, rarely anyone would want to eat his egg shell. hehe:)
In 100 grams of chicken eggs, there are about 154 kcal, protein 8, iron vitamins, carbohydrates and some other content. Eggs also contain kolin. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition   it was found that the egg can add new nerve membranes that can keep the body in shape.
In addition, this can also provide kolin cardiovascular function. This means that these benefits also have Eggs are good for the heart and blood vessels.
Eggs also have protein, vitamins and iron. With a rate of pas, the egg will help you to fullfill the needs of these three substances.
So, it’s got an awful lot of benefits and you can make as regular meals per day.

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