Looking For a Natural Migraine Cure?

migraine relief

My girlfriend eats ibuprofen as Pac Man eating little white dots. One thing I learned from her headache is the need for natural migraine remedy. Some medicines put to sleep for a while, some to her sick, some do not do anything at all. There does not seem to be the silver bullet for migraine or migraine true natural cure, so I made ​​a list of things to at least make a difference.

1 Water.

Dehydration is a major headache trigger. Coffee, smoking, alcohol, and plain old not drinking enough water can set off migraines. Stay hydrated!

2nd Chemicals.

Avoid MSG, aspartame, phenylketoneurics and many other chemicals that are found in almost every processed food product can cause a reaction. Maybe your headaches are due to food allergies so that it produced a list of chemicals that could be a migraine culprits.

3rd Stretch.

Regular yoga makes my girl relaxed, happy, peaceful and serene. That is, in my opinion, probably the most natural migraine remedy exists. If you do not want to do yoga, you can at least stretch. Stretch neck, back, shoulders, move, lower back, and generally loosen up all the way around.

4th Pull out your energy down.

confesses that Chinese medicine is too much chi in the head can cause headaches. Pull down your energy focusing on the spot by foot and a half under his feet. With practice you will learn to move energy around your body and directly out of your head and down into your body.

I am a big fan of yoga hand gestures called mudras. “Big Head” The wise will draw your energy down automatically. Fold the ring finger of your hand and touch your thumb to your first and middle finger. Do this with both hands for 15 or 20 minutes. This is a big head wise.

5th Hand massage.

Massage meaty part of the hand between the thumb and forefinger. There is a pressure point is there that is great for headaches and toothaches.

6th Clean up your sinuses.

Drink lemon water, cayenne pepper, ginger and clear out your sinuses and keep any pressure from building up in the neck and head.

7th Apple cider vinegar.

Organic cider is a cleaning effect on you from the inside. You know how you can clean the dishwasher and coffee maker by running vinegar through it? The same principle applies here. Drink mix a few tablespoons of cider vinegar, hot water, lemon juice and honey, and you’ll be amazed at the energy and “clean” feeling you will get.

8th Hot and cold.

warm bath combined with ice packs on your head banging parts can shock your headache away.

9th Focus on it.

If the pain signal and avoid message may intensify to get your attention. go to your headaches and concentrate on it as much as you can. this will change, I promise. I know it’s strange, but to pay real attention to their pain, will make it begin to change shape and move. Check to present a headache for themselves and change their options. make it switch to color, density, shape and volume. This is a great start to see that you May have some control over my body and what it does.

10th Big life issues.

My girlfriend swears that “divorced her migraine” by ending a very unhealthy marriage. I do not know what that says about me, if she still gets occasional headaches, but it’s still not the same, she says. I’ve heard other people say that the main problem which is life “pain in the neck”, for them, in retrospect, a major cause of stress, and therefore their migraines. Do what you need to do to make your life the way you really want to see if your internal struggle manifests as a headache.

Some argue that the potassium in bananas is a natural remedy migraine. Feverfew is thought to be a natural migraine remedy.

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