Looking at levitra and surgery for prostate cancer removal

The statistics don’t make for comfortable reading so the best thing is to get them out there and then deal with the implications. In 2010, about 220,000 new cases of prostate cancer were diagnosed in America. Taken over the population, that gives you a 1 in 6 chance of developing this form of cancer. It will not surprise you to learn, this is the most common form of cancer in men. It’s also the second biggest killer. In 2010, more than 32,000 men died of prostate cancer. Just in case you are wondering when to start worrying, the average age of diagnosis is 67.
In all younger men, the standard recommendation is surgery. Now that humans have robots to assist, the risk of cutting into muscles or through nerves is reduced. Unfortunately, it’s relatively common for men to experience problems after surgery. This can be loss of libido, a failure to produce an erection sufficiently hard to penetrate or a failure to ejaculate. A small percentage also find themselves incontinent which adds to the general level of embarrassment. To deal with all these problems, surgeons are working to define a new set of protocols to apply after diagnosis and after surgery. There’s now clear evidence that unless men are properly counseled in taking the decision whether to have the surgery, they are more likely to lose libido and be depressed after surgery.
With proper guidance, men can approach the rehabilitation process with a more positive frame of mind. In this, the emerging standard is to use Levitra in combination with counseling and other drugs to bring the couple back together and to develop mutually satisfactory outcomes. In this, it should be said the chances of a full recovery depend on the extent to which the nerves have been damaged. The more radical the surgery, the more damage. This makes early diagnosis and surgery vital. There will be far less cutting and so less damage to muscles and nerves. With Levitra to assist, the chances of regaining full functionality are very good.

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