Coronary or health disease and vein disease are risky diseases for some individuals who don’t have their diabetes under proper control.

It is very important for diabetes people to keep their blood sugar level under proper control because they were twice as liable to have heart issues and strokes as
individuals who don’t have the condition.

Another reason it is advisable for diabetics to properly balance their glucose level is that it could lead to blood vessel or nerve
damage which might likewise bring about foot issues that, in rare cases, can
lead to amputation.

There are many diabetics that have injuries especially on their foot and toes and it heals very fast because they properly control their blood sugar.

It must be note many  of the legs and feet amputated are not lost on account of an injury, but as an aftereffect of this malady.


Symptoms of diabetes in relation to heart disease are slow. It means you will not take note of the
cautioning signs until you have a heart attack or stroke.

Damaged veins or blood vessels as a result uncontrolled blood sugar can brings quick sharp pains on legs and feets, changes in skin color, and less sensation or feeling.


The best solution is prevention.  Many studies demonstrate that controlling your
diabetes can offer you some assistance with avoiding these issues, or stop them
from deteriorating if you have develop heart disease or vein damage as as a result of uncontrolled diabetes.


The link between diabetes and heart disease is not directly correlated because diabetes do not necessarily lead to heart problem. It is consistent uncontrolled blood glucose level that could lead to it. Lack of proper control of diabetes can also lead to blood vessels or nerve damage.

However, all these can be avoided by proper blood sugar control. This can be achieved through following the diets recommended by doctors. Exercise could also help to burn calories and keep the body in proper shape. Try to reduce your weight if you are obese because overweight is one of the major causes of diabetes. Use the recommended or prescribed drug as indicated by the physician. Don’t be tired of using your drugs or eating a routine diets that are working for you. If you are tired of using them, then you are tired of life