Linden Blossom

Tilia vulgaris-concrete and absolute from the dried flowers.     Also called “Lime flowers”. Blends with: Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Rose Absolute, Rose Otto, Tuberose, Lemon, Orange, Mandarin, Neroli, Petitgrain, Sandalwood, Clove, Ylang Ylang, Black Pepper and Ginger.  It is becoming difficult to find quality Linden. The principal constituent is farnesol. 

(The TRUE absolute is difficult to find…may be adulterated.  No formal testing.  Dilute well for topical use.)
CHARACTER: “Creative Romantic”, Consoling, Serenity, Security, Patience
ETHERIC COLORS: Blue, Mauve, Light Opalescent Silver
CHAKRA:  6           
ELEMENT:  Light, Water, & Air           
ASTRO:  Neptune & Jupiter    
GEM:  Sodalite, Lepidolite    
USED FOR THESE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES: Relaxed, Calm, Soothed, Self-confident, Secure, Balanced, Structured, Stable, Connection to Creation

USED FOR THESE NEGATIVE STATES: Nervous, Anxiety, Tension, Hysteria, Over-excitement, Insecurity, Possessive, Jealous, Anger, Stress, Irritable, Guilt, Lovelorn, Oversensitive, Indecision.

USED FOR THESE PHYSICAL STATES:  Cramps, indigestion, headaches, insomnia, migraine, nervous tension and stress related conditions.
+Sweet, calm, gentle, usually feminine. Has a calmness that affects others deeply. They are calming in a panic, when a deadline is due, for example.
+Rounded and stand no nonsense from anyone.  Happy, content with themselves.
+Confident with who they are.  Determined to follow the path they set for themselves.
+Open and up-front.  Helpful when the mood takes them.
+Interesting as they can change and wear many guises.
+Happy to reside in the shadow of their partner.  Love being home with their family. In turn, they expect their family to adore them.
+Can cook up a meal out of practically nothing in a minute.
+Will stay in a job forever, providing it pays well enough.
+Can flirt outrageously just for fun, with no ulterior motive. Infidelity would not cross their mind.  They would be hurt if anyone thought otherwise.
+Money is not their measure of success.
+Incurable romantic.  Love sending poems, love letters, flowers, chocolates, but this phase does wear off and they’ll wonder where the romance went.
-If negative, they tend to sulk rather than shout or get angry.  They may get possessive of partner or children.  They become worriers.  Can get anxiety attacks over things they cannot possibly control.
-They hoard things until their house is full of junk.  They may envy the possessions of others.  They may say such things as “Nobody cares if I live or die.”  Or “I gave up everything for you.”

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