Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Heart Disease

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It’s important when assessing your health that you consider heart disease and high blood pressure into your overall health picture. Genetics, eating habits and exercise habits all play a relative part in your risk of heart disease. A few lifestyle changes can make a world of difference in not only the quality of your life, but in your lifespan.
One out of three Americans have high blood pressure that can lead to heart disease, and some of these people are not even aware of it. High blood pressure eventually destroys the elasticity in your veins and arteries, making them stiff and inefficient. It’s important that if you’re aware that you have high blood pressure that you control it with lifestyle changes as much as possible before heading for the medication cabinet.
Of course keeping your weight under control is a major factor in high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Those few extra pounds you put on over the winter get them off before they become permanent and add to next year’s weight gain. It’s important if you’re overweight that you start an exercise program immediately and under the control of your doctor. A few half hour sessions a week can change your life, reducing your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.
With 65% of American adults overweight, you’ll be in good company. You can find a variety of things to do for a half-hour that can increase your heart rate, help you lose weight, and give you an energized feeling. There are plenty of walks, plenty of clubs, and of course exercise services available.
It’s easy to make any few small changes in your diet that can reduce your risk of high blood pressure, cardiac problems, and cardiac disease. Try reducing your salt intake, salt become a habits and food doesn’t taste right without it. You’ll be amazed at how quick you’ll get accustomed to new tastes and flavors without piling on the salt. Slowly reduce your salt intake and get used to it gradually and before you know it you will have reduced to the 1.5 g a day that’s recommended.
Add a few servings of fish to your diet each week. Omega-3 fatty acids can not only reduce your blood pressure but also reduce your bad cholesterol. Cholesterol along with high blood pressure can clog your arteries and veins quickly causing a stroke, heart attack or heart disease.
There can’t be enough said about adding fruits and vegetables and fiber to your diet. Dietitians are currently reworking our food table to include more fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables and less meat and meat byproducts. New research has discovered that a few extra servings of fiber or fruit and vegetables a day greatly reduces your risk for heart trouble
We’re constantly hearing about people who have dropped dead on the street, people who are athletic, have controlled their weight with exercise and eat properly. High blood pressure is a silent killer, and many people don’t even know they have it. Make sure that you’ve got a healthy heart and avoid heart disease by having your blood pressure checked, lower your cholesterol, get exercise and eat appropriately.
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