Lentil Soup Nutrition Facts


Lentil Soup. The lenses are not a food history. The first seeds were found in the Middle East, about 7000-6000 BC. There are different types of lentils, which are now used worldwide to colorful and spicy dishes, the complete power to create. Enjoy soups, stews and dishes of all the wonders of the lens, which is so dear to the body and the palate.

Lentil Soup. The lenses are an important source of protein, is the perfect addition to a vegetarian or vegan diet. They have a 25% concentration of the protein, second only to soybeans. It takes less than 76 grams of beef lenses provide 25 grams of protein in a male world, RDA, and the lenses are easier to digest than meat or soybeans. They are cholesterol free, rich in protein, and are suitable for all meals.

Lentil Soup. With proteins, lentils and other essential vitamins and nutrients are loaded. They are rich in iron, they are in anemic patients with a low concentration of iron in the blood is recommended. Iron increases energy, promotes cell regeneration and stabilize your metabolism. Lentils are also rich in fiber that helps lower cholesterol, body guard, regulates blood sugar disorders fight such as diabetes or hypoglycemia. The fiber also reduces the chance of a person with coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease, as well as foliate and magnesium, found in abundance in the powerful lens development. Pulses by little, it also contains flavonoids, which inhibit the effectiveness in preventing cancer, heart disease, and providing antioxidant properties.

The lens power is calculated for years. The lenses are fasting during Lent, as part of Christians for centuries for a meal to eat every day to complete. In the 18 the century German peasants lived in a daily diet consisting of lentils, cabbage and rye bread. Today, lentils still play an important role in the Middle East and India, and many third world countries are used to hunger for honest citizens.

The lenses are revered worldwide for its taste, color and nutritional value. They have a high concentration of protein, iron, fiber, foliate, magnesium and flavonoids. Your ability to fight off common diseases and at the same time, a tasty dish is simply excellent. With its exceptional nutritional value, it is not surprising that the journal Health one of the five healthiest foods known lenses. Lentil Soup.

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