Cymbopogen citratus or Cymbopogon flexuosus(which is much milder)  distilled from the stems or leaves.  Blends with BERGAMOT, CEDAR, GERANIUM, LEMON, NIAOULI, PALMAROSE, PETITGRAIN, ROSEMARY, TEA TREE.  
CAUTIONS: Avoid in pregnancy.  Possible dermal irritation and sensitization.  Always dilute.  More suitable for diffusing and inhalation.

CHARACTER: ” Cleansing Rain” Stimulating, Invigorating, Encouraging, Renewal, Left Brain
ETHERIC COLORS: Purple, Red, Orange, Green
GEM:   Calcite
CHAKRA:  3, 7 (to encourage discernment, use LEMONGRASS to clear Solar and Sacral chakras)
PERFUME NOTE: Top to Middle
Blending Factor:  1
ELEMENT:  Air, Fire  
ASTRO:  Mercury
USED FOR THESE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES:  inviting new things, Concentration, Protection from energetic bombardment, discernment, psychic awareness, ease in dealing with emotions, emotional experiences no longer scare you, happier, more depth of feeling.
Lemongrass blows the cobwebs from your mind and stale energies out of your energy system, makes room for new and better things to flow into these places.    
+Warm, friendly, always ready to comfort and solace under their wing.
USED TO HEAL THESE NEGATIVE ATTRIBUTES: Jet Lag, Fatigue,  Depression, Headache, Stress, Nervous Exhaustion Sorrow, grief, suffering, hopeless, negative, victimized
USED TO HEAL THESE PHYSICAL STATES:  Digestion, Pains and sprains (12% dilution), Fever, Warts, Muscle Spasms, Toe Fungus, Athlete’s foot, bruises, intestinal parasites. Do NOT use in bath water
PROPERTIES: Tonic, antibacterial for both gram+ and gram-, analgesic, antifungal, Central nervous system sedative, lymphatic detoxifier, Connective tissue strengthener,  Insect Repellent, Skin Toner ( can be a skin irritant)

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