Lemongrass Herbal Medicine Tea Recipe


Lemongrass Herbal Medicine Tea Recipe
Cymbopogon is the scientific name of lemongrass very known in Filipino dialect as “Tanglad”.  There are many uses of lemongrass such as food ingredients, health benefits, insects repellent and others. According to many experience herbalism experts it heals a thousand of illnesses and diseases like fever, regulate woman’s menstruation, stomachaches, pain reliever, high blood pressure and many others. That’s why many business industries uses this as their ingredients like juices, energy drinks, breads and others to gain more customers especially those who are herbalism people. Medical Industries also making this into capsules, tablets, syrups, pain reliever oil, food supplements and other that can help more patients that suffers different kind diseases.
Now a day’s medical experts also developed this kind of herbal medicine to cure deadly disease called cancer. We really appreciate the efforts of some experts chemist scientist even if we are now in the new modern world they are really existing to help us making herbal medicine used to treat our deadly disease.
As member of community I would like to share a traditional Lemongrass Herbal Tea recipe that truly can cure High Blood Pressure And even until now my parents and relatives, friends in our place still uses this kind of herbal tea. I hope it can help a lot to our beloved fellowmen.
You can also watch actual video in making Lemongrass Medicine Herbal Tea by this link below:
Lemongrass Herbal Medicine Tea Recipe:
Ingredients and Materials:
1.      1 group of fresh & Young Leaves of Lemongrass
2.      4 glasses of fresh water
3.      1 to 2 Tablespoon of Sugar (Optional)
4.      Strainer
5.      Heating Pot
6.      Cutter
Cooking Procedure:
1.      First, cut the leaves of fresh lemongrass into small parts and wash it thoroughly.
2.      Second, put it in the Pot and pour the 4 glasses of water.
3.      Boil it within 3 to 5 minutes only.
4.      After 5 minutes boiling, the Lemongrass Herbal Tea is perfectly cooked.
5.      Transfer it in the container with the used of strainer and let it cool (you can add 1 to 2 tablespoon of sugar if you want) and stir it!
6.      After 3 minutes cooling, you can now serve and drink the Lemongrass Tea that surely regulate and go down your blood pressure.
7.      Drink the Tea 2 or 3 times a day and consume it within 15 hours only.
8.      This is very natural healing so we can also assure that there’s no overdoses in this treatment by the power of Lemongrass Herbal Medicine Tea.
Thank you so much for reading this article and feel free to give comments and suggestion below.

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